Madeline Tote

  1. HELLOO! im new!

    Ive been surfing the forum for a while and i havent seen anyone write about the Madeline Totes! i think they are sooo cute :love:

    Does anyone have one? Are you enjoying it??
  2. Hi! Welcome!!!!! You'll LOVE it here! All the Coachies are amazing!

    Yes, I do like the Madelines.....they are gorgeous and very classic. I know kimmie and tlloveshim both have Madelines....I've been putting some thought into them too.
  3. I have one in geranium and yes, I am enjoying it very much!
  4. I just fell in love w/ this bag today! I think this will be my next purchase.....sorry Chelsea...better luck next time. (I am gonna keep putting off the purchase of that chelsea satchel, until it's eventually gone...THEN I will be upset....oy!) And yes....I AM very indecisive!
  5. I've been DYING for a Madeline for the LONGEST time...hopefully I'll get one for my b day in August or I'll be buying one for myself as soon as I can scrape up the cash...
  6. I have the one you have. Its my favorite Coach!
  7. You should post your pics of your bags. We all love seeing eachother's lovely coach bags.
  8. Yes i will take a picture of everything i have soon and post.
    This website is the greatest and worst thing i have ever discovered! Now I think about Coach constantly and cant wait for my next purchase! I think it will be the COACH HERITAGE STRIPE TOTE in pink! ahh
  9. Hahaha we caught ya! Welcome to the vicious cycle :p You'll LOVE it here!
  10. You know, as soon as I saw this bag in leather, I automatically thought, kinda looks like the Chanel Cerf tote!