madeline tote size

  1. I posted about this yesterday. I went to Coach with the sole purpose of buying the Madeline leather tote in Brass/Geranium and was SO disappointed when I tried it on. It was way - way - WAY too big for me. (I'm 5'3")

    The Signature tote is a more appropriate size - but I much prefer leather bags. The color was incredible, the leather divine, the overall beauty was unmistakable. I just wish they'd make it about 2/3's it's current size.
  2. I'm 5'5" and don't find the Madeline to be too big at all. I think it just depends on what size you are used to carrying. I can carry anything from a baby carly to the madeline tote and feel comfortable. My stuff all fits in fine and I can carry it easily on my arm or shoulder. It's one of those bags that you have to try for yourself to see if it will work for you.
  3. off topic but tlloveshim, I had to say how much I love your collection. You have a great variety of sizes, colors and styles. I love every one of them!:tup::heart:
  4. ^^ Thank you, mom2boyz! I am feeling very pleased right now! Once I add a magenta madeline (either medium or large) I just want to add a couple more leather bags in black and dark brown and then behave! Is that possible? :lol: