Madeline pm, trevi pm or the neocabby black pm...

  1. Which would you go for....................................
  2. neocabby black pm
    but it only comes in MM And GM
  3. All of the above! I actually have the Neo Cabby MM and the Trevi PM -- they are fantastic bags...I carry the Cabby on casual days and the Trevi on days when I'm a little more dressed up. Unless it's raining, then it's the Trevi!

    Good luck deciding and let us know which you choose!
  4. I love the trevi, that would be my choice.
  5. neo cabby!
  6. I have the black neo cabby MM and love it....that's the smaller one. There is no PM.
  7. trevi! can be used all the time, rain or shine!
  8. Me too and that's my vote too! I looove this bag.
  9. trevi
  10. Neo cabby. So slouch and chic.
  11. Neo Cabby :wlae:
  12. Neo!
  13. Trevi:heart:
  14. My vote go to Neo cabby coz it's very easy to get in and out, chic, stay on my shoulder perfectly. I tried on the trevi but it only looks good on handheld ((imo))
  15. Out of the three, I'd choose the madeleine pm.