madeline leather tote yay or nay

  1. i am liking the madeline leather tote in black .what do u think of this bag?
  2. pic? :shrugs:
  3. I have the tote in geranium and am planning on getting it in Black. I love her.
  4. ^^ Me too! I have it in geranium and will be getting another later! The pictures do not do this bag justice! The leather is gorgeous! I love mine!
  5. i'm not a fan of the madelines...i don't know why, they seem kind of plain to me, and i don't like the way they zip.
  6. I think it's GORGEOUS in geranium!!!!! I'd LOVE to see it in black!!!!!!
  7. I love the Madelaine and if Coach makes it in Pool I am getting one!
  8. ^^ Pool would be beautiful in this bag! I didn't think I'd like how it zipped either but it hasn't bothered me yet. It's so lady like and easy to carry. I love that I can put it on my shoulder and carry it in hand or on the crook of my arm. It is simple and plain but the leather is stunning and the color so saturated that it doesn't need anything else added to it to make it beautiful. I am truly a fan of this bag! LOL!
  9. its a cute bag I like it in black...

  10. it's a gorgeous bag but when i tried it on, i found that it kept falling off my shoulder due to the rounded straps, but that might just be me.
  11. yeah I had the same problen I took my mine back after wearing it around the house I just couldn't handle the straps coming off plus it hurt my shoulders.:sad:
  12. Isn't that the oddest thing how different bags hang on us all differently? I suppose though it makes sense since we are all different shapes and sizes! I cannot wear the Carly at all! It slips and slides and does not stay put. Plus it hurts my shoulder! I just sent a large Carly back because of that reason. But this one stays put and is so comfortable to me! It's just best to try it on with your stuff in it to know if it's going to work or not. I wish I were closer to a boutique though, I hate having to order sight unseen and then keep sending things back to Coach.
  13. Love it in black!!
  14. I LOVE the green and the black!