Madeline has arrived!

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  1. I was checking the Japanese web site to see if they had updated there web site also
    and they had with pretty Madeline Totes! Check it out there are so cute! :yes:
  2. What Japanese Website?
  3. Thanx for posting the link I should have done that! I couldnt resist so I call JAX The leather version will be avail. here the end of November. I think the green is so cute!
    I will have to order her for myself for Christmas!:yes::yes:
  4. I was just at the Store in the Chicago suburbs (at Old Orchard) and they had them in stock in the store already - even the green one. You could just call the store and order it directly from there. Here's the number (847) 329-1772.
  5. could anyone tell me appx how much Madeline costs??
  6. OMG I want

  7. :tup:^^^
  8. Thanx so much for the phone number I will call them ASAP! When I talk to JAX today
    they said that the small leather version was $ 358 which is 12x6x4 and the larger one
    which is $ 428 14x9-1/2 x4. Also the zebra green and Khaki is $528. They also had really cute wallets to match on the Japanese web site. I just need to decide.Was the green really cute in person?
  9. I called the Chicago store they do have the green and the wallets to! They only have the Large size which is the size of the the Large carryall. I messed up on the smaller size on the prevouis tread the smaller dimesions are 12x9 which is close to the Med carryall size. I think thats what I need so i will just wait a couple of weeks. Its to early to wear her now anyways! The SA said she is a pretty Kelly green.
    Could anyone that has the med or the lgr caryall give input on sizes. When I looked the lgr the other day
    in th store it seemed big and the med was about right.
  10. Ranskimmie actually ordered the green zebra and was going to send it back. There are pics of it somewhere. It looks really cute!
  11. I really liking these MADELINE bags, I so love the scarf on the solid and the poka dot print, Does anyone know if I could use the PCE card for this and are they in the Nashville Coach store. I will call if I don't hear anything, also if there not in the store are these one I could order in the store and get the discount with? I never had a discount card. Not sure how this will work.
  12. i have a medium carryall and i love it.fits my huge ass checkbook size wallet, my nintendo DS, phone, wristlet, makeup, etc. its good for everyday.
  13. About ordering the Madenline on PCE. You probaly will have to ask in the stores it depends on your SA some might. I know there is a hand full of stores that has this handbag.Like in Chicago and New York. and JAX does
    have these to order on the phone .Good luck! Im going to get a bronze Carly for PCE. I do want a Madeline but want to see her in person and she is more of a spring handbag so I think I can wait until Jan or Feb. Plus I am so up in the air of what size? Med Or Lgr.? Let us knows what happens!Some SA,s bend the rules as long as you are a regular customers and it is avaliable to order. :tup:
  14. When is the Zebra print one going to be on the Coach website? Arrrrggghhh!