Madeleine Peyroux anyone?

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  1. I'm totally digging her tonight. I've just discovered her...about two hours ago...and i've been cleaning the house and listening to her. Lights are dimmed and it's just me and Maya (my puppers) and a cup of tea now. Wonderful.

    She has quite a lovely voice.
  2. Never heard of her. Any songs you particularly recommend? Sounds like you're having a lovely evening.

    Unlike me!! I just came back from a date with an investment banker who makes a cool six figures (at age 24) and yet made me pick up the tab for our $100+ dinner (I had pasta, he had filet mignon and wine!). Grrrr. Call me a traditionalist, but I figure the person doing the asking out should do the paying. Wow, Danica, I totally just went off on you but you know that's because I love you! Say hi to Maya for me!
  3. lol Intlset, I agree with you, he should have payed!! next time wait it out! hehee At least you were out doing things, I recorded Will and Grace from Thursday night, watched that, ate some popcorn and was in bed by 10:30! lol I have no life.

    I was listening to the Careless Love cd of hers. It's really good, kind of Nora Jones but better.
  4. I saw Madeleine Peyroux last year at the SF Jazz Festival concert. She's really good live (her voice sounds exactly like the CD version).
  5. ^ oooh!! I've been listening to her and liking her more and more.
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