Madeleine McCann- missing girl. Poster- Please pass it on

  1. Hi Girls,

    you may have heard about this, you may have not, but a 3 year old girl, Madeleine McCann, was abducted from her holiday apartment in Portugal while she was asleep and her parents were outside at a restaurant one week ago. It looks as if she may have been stolen by a paedophile network. (Do a search of her name on news for more information)

    It is truly horrifying, and is all over the news in UK and Portugal, and seems to be being reported worldwide, however there are concerns that she has been taken out of Portugal, and may be in a country without much publicity about the abduction.

    Her family have started an email circular of a poster which has her picture on it, and they have asked that people download it and pass it on to everyone in their email address books, as it may help to find her (using the rule of six degrees of separation). The more people who are aware of her and what she looks like the more hopeful it is that she may be found.

    I thought that I would post it here on this international community that is the purse forum, and hopefully some of you kind ladies will download it and pass it on- particulary if you are in a country which hasn't had much coverage about this.

    Everyone of us who has children can only imagine the horror of losing a child in these circumstances.

    Many thanks and best wishes,

    Rubylola x

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  2. OMG, i know... i read it in newspaper today about this horrible news.
    all my prayers for the authorities to find the girl soon :sad:
  3. I feel terribly sad about this - I really hope they will find her before she comes to harm. the family is in my thoughts.
  4. I read about this yesterday. So horrific. The parents must feel like hell.
  5. Sad.....
    The International news show it on TV, so that a maximum of people are aware of it.
  6. Hi guys,

    I am just flagging this up to the top of the queue of listings again. Please, people who reads this- post a quick response and it will keep it at the top of the listings (if that is allowed, I hope), so more people see it,

    thanks very much x
  7. Im watching sky news everyday hoping for some good news.I pray she will be ok and found soon.
  8. awful thing to have happened
  9. tom just posted on myspace about it.

    is indeed sad. :sad:
  10. Shocking, I am praying she will be found soon!
  11. how scary and horrifying! i hope she'll be re-united with her parents soon....we shall pray for her and her family. this news gives me shivers everytime i heard of it.
  12. I've been feeling really despondant about this today, scared that the story will fall out of the news this week and be forgotten (the more publicity there is the more hope there is that someone will see something), but I have just read that Richard Branson and Phillip Green and others have added money to the reward and it is now £2.5 million. That has got to mean something, at best- someone will come forward with her whereabouts, or at least- it will stay newsworthy, with these big names involved and all their clout. And Kallison posted that it is all over myspace.

    I pray the wee girl is still alive and that she is found very soon.
  13. Oh it is just so sad Ruby. As time goes on it gets bleaker, I do not know how those poor parents are surviving this. I think I would be in a straight jacket!
    The money has to be appealing but how does anyone come forward to collect it if noone knows where she is only the kidnappers, that is what is worrying me, it will not be easy to collect without incriminating themselves.
    & I would say that it is doubtful that anyone else has seen her or there would be news by now!
  14. I hope that there may be a chance that if she has been abducted by a network- be it adoption (which would be so much better), or paedophile, that someone knows something- someone who is on the outskirts of things and would prefer all that money to keeping quiet. There has to be a chance of it.
  15. Yes I am praying that as reports have identified a blonde woman with two men then at least that she was looking for a child to adopt that would look like her. Horrible scenario but the better of the two.
    I am very much afraid that if it was a pedophile then it is now too late to save the child suffering regardless of anyone who might come forward but here's hoping.