Madeleine Boots Review!!

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  1. I got my Madeleine boots in Brandy today. :yahoo: I have wide feet and short legs, so finding a flattering pair of flat boots is difficult. These boots do not run wide, IMO, but not necessarily narrow either. I am going to have to get them stretched to comfortably accommodate my feet, but other than that - I love them! They hit right under my knee and the calves have just enough gap to tuck straight leg jeans into. I have average calves - probably around 14".

    Anyway, right after I tried them on, I went to Hayden Harnett's website to order a pair in Eucalyptus, but they are no longer on sale. :crybaby: Well, hopefully that color will be around for a little while longer.
  2. Yummy. Can we PLEASE see pics? Did you happen to size up at all or just got your usual size?
  3. I did not size up. They seemed to run True to size as far as length went, IMO. I won't be able to get pics up for awhile, though, I can try as soon as I have more time.
  4. Glad they're keepers!
  5. i also found them to be not wide but not narrow. glad you like your new boots!
  6. I'm worried the calf will be huge on me :sad: My calves are 12.5" with skinny jeans on, so a boot that fits a 17" I'm afraid will be floppy. How does the calf fit?
  7. ^^I went and measured mine and the shaft is actually 15" around rather than 17" (on a size 6.5) maybe it gets wider on bigger sizes? Also, my calf is 13.5" around bare-legged and I have only a cm of gap with jeans tucked in. You will have some gapping, but probably not a ton.
  8. Can I get some more info about the Madeline fit? I usually wear an 8 in flats, but generally wear an 8.5 or even 9 in boots. (I have some Cole Haan air boots that I had to size up to a 9.)

    So which size should I get? 8, 8.5, or 9?
  9. i think you shoud stick to your regular size, i love HH. i'm usually 8.5-9 for flats (had to try a 9.5-10 in cole haan heels once...eek!), 9 in boots.

    i tried on the boots in 9. fit comfortably w/ socks on! so i would say 8.5 to be safe (and you might have a bit extra room). now that i think of it, an 8.5 MIGHT have fit me in HH boots (i returned madeline for zeldas...i have a bit of room in them in a 9). hth!