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  1. I just recently saw an epi of Made on MTV. I was shocked it still on. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else watches/watched that show? I used to watch it all the time. Also, does anyone else think it's a little fixed? I never saw an epi where a person didn't reach their goal. Like on this one, a girl was failing three classes and was in danger of not graduating, but some how in the end she pulled up her grades. They never showed how. So, if you guys watch it, do you think it's real or fake? :weird:
  2. I think it's real cause there are going to be lots of people that know the people that are in the episode and if it's not real, well....we would all definitely hear about it right? I used to watch this more when I had cable.
  3. I think it's real because even though the people always reach their goals, they don't excel or anything... they're still pretty bad at whatever they wanted to do.
  4. I think the show would more interesting, though, if they showed people not getting their goals. Or maybe did one epi where they don't get it and another where they improve and do. I remember one epi where a girl won Prom Queen and they were interviewing people randomly. And like 8 of 10 said they didn't vote for her. That just sounded funny.
  5. i heard from this other girl that a girl at her school was on made (the one about the girl wanting to be on varsity cheer). well apparently she really wanted to do track but they made her do cheerleading instead. so maybe they make more reasonable goals for them?

    pretty much though, i think it's real
  6. That's kind of sad, though. :sad2: I also sometimes think they gain friends on Made because of the cameras which is sader.
  7. I see your point, but both sports are super hard.
  8. kinda OT, but at th end of my senior year in high school, they came to my school to cast. no one made it because everyone assumed it was a senior prank, lol.
  9. Did you see the one where the girl wins prom queen?
  10. That's pretty. I like to watch reality tv, but I would never let cameras in my home. I like my privacy.
  11. I have seen a couple episodes where they didn't accomplish the exact goal they started with. Like there is the snowboarding and bmx episodes where they didn't place. The beauty queen episode, she got 5th. One of the cheerleading episodes, she didn't get varsity, but did get jv. And finally, the football episode, he had to leave the school he was at, but did get into cross country at the new school.

    Can you tell, I'm a reality tv fanatic?
  12. yeah i catch it sometimes, i have seen ones when they didn't make it, and i am sorry to say i think it is really funny, i know that makes me kinda mean but it just shows you, no matter what you can't always get what you want. still i guess the joy of reality tv is that you feel bad but it just is better than fiction.
  13. The last one I saw was a geek being made into a bboy. I actually thought he was kinda cute! I love geeks! :]
  14. I have seen only one episode. It was of a really cute girl who wanted to be Miss Teen or something...she was sort of a tomboy, in a new school & it was just so sweet I was crying!
  15. I laugh more when they do make it, because some of the people being made either didn't try hard enough or want really outrageous stuff. I saw one about a kid who wanted to be on the basketball team. (Thinking about it, I think he didn't make it) So, as a first test, they had him play against like two 6th grades and he lost bad. :huh: They give them like 90 days or something. How are you going to become a good basketball player in 90 days? Not varsity good anyway.