Made where?

Jan 30, 2010
Hi everyone, I've been trying to find out which lines from Dooney and Bourke are made where and haven't had much success.

Does anyone have stuff from D&B and know where they are made? I have an alto wallet that is labeled, made in italy and an all weather leather bag made in america.

I'm trying to find out where the pebble grain line is made. If it was made in america or europe I think it would seriously consider purchasing it. $258 dollars for made in america or europe would be an awesome deal. It's one of the reasons I like D&B so much. The quality is excellent and the prices are reasonable :biggrin:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Jul 12, 2012
The Alto line is made in Italy. A select few purses such as the All Weather Leather and a few others are made in the USA. I do not know offhand what others besides the awl are made in USA. Not very many anymore...most if not all used to be made in the USA years ago. My first Dooney, a drawstring, was made in the USA years ago.

The current pebble leather bags are almost guaranteed to be made in China. I have yet to see any out of the current line that are made elsewhere. They're still quality bags, try not to let made in China discourage u...but if you're looking for a bag made in Italy, stick with the Alto line. If u need a Dooney USA bag, go with the all weather bag. Alto is super nice, but does scratch easily and is a bag to b babied. Pebble leather can withstand most anything as can all weather leather. All weather leather bags Ive found to be pretty much indestructible!


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Jun 17, 2012
I believe the only line still made in America is the Cabriolet line and a few other fabric bags. The Alto and Amazon lines are made in Italy...or at least they used to be. You might contact Dooney directly for info on country of origin.

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