Made up my mind about my...MAGENTA BOX

Aug 2, 2006
Hi Ladies... First want to say THANK YOU to everyone that replied to my post on the Magenta Box, dont know What I would do with out you gals... THANKS :heart:
I have decided to sell my box to get another first since the style is so me, not sure what color I will be getting as I may wait for some thing on ebay to pop up if Balenciaga or AR does not have any thing that is a have to have it.
Thanks again sooooooooo very much!!!
If you guys have any suggestions on what color in the first you love PLEASE feel free to let me know, keep in mind that I own the Magenta first already. Have a GREAT Day!!!
Aug 2, 2006
I just got off the phone with Balenciaga and here are some of the colors that am interested in that they have available if the first size, they are suppose to be sending me some photos in a little bit... HELP PLEASE
Sandstone, Sea Green, White , Black and Blueberry.. these are the only colors as of right now that attract me. Can you guys let me know which you like best? Maybe I was/am suppose to post a new Thread for this :girlsigh: really not sure but I am giving this a


Nov 14, 2006
Out of the ones you listed, I like Sandstone. It's pretty far off from Magenta though!


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Apr 3, 2006
I have a blueberry first, and I adore it. The color is so dark on my bag, it looks almost exactly like ink, with no purple-ness to it. Just to glance at my bag in a dim room, you'd think it was a black bag. In a brightly lit room or in daylight...kabam! Gorgeous deep blue. I love it soooo much!