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  1. I think the mods need to merge this thread.
  2. A really interesting article and the comment about bags is often reflected on here.

    "The company is so determined to underscore craftsmanship over price that it will turn down a project that might reflect poorly on the division. “People can come for the wrong reason,” de Beaufort says. “With branding—people want to show off.” When that happens, he continues, “and people come and say, ‘I want whatever it is to have a big H,’ usually we’ll say, ‘OK, we can do something for you, but it won’t be that.’ ”
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  3. Such an interesting read, thanks @balihai88 for sharing...

    Costly it surely is! I think Hermes has been furnishing a few condos, as I remember they were being advertised by some developers. I wonder if they are done by a different department though... like their furniture department.

    Few years ago when I was furnishing our place, I was on the furniture floor to discuss a potential furniture purchase, and I came across the most beautiful alcohol cabinet. It was made out of few croc details, and the craftsmanship was out of this world! Out of curiosity, I asked how much it was. To my surprise my salesperson said around $60k. It was a bit “costly”, but I was seriously plotting to convince my husband to get it as a forever piece (Cost per use would be low!). So I asked my salesperson to check with the manager to see how long it will take to make and such. After few minutes she came back, all apologetic, turns out it was around $600k lol. I jokingly told her she should have let me have it for her original quoted price. :lol:

    Anyway, just to stay on topic, I love the apple carrier story... so romantic...
  4. I know people have furnished their entire yacht with Hermes. My store also offer a home design service which I have not personally used. I was worried about the costs haha!
  5. There are apartments for sale around the world, furnished with/ by Hermes Maison. Most are with furniture, china, bedding etc which are in the collection. Sur Mesure can make custom pieces and eg entire built in wardrobes just for you.

  6. Yes, that’s it. I might be wrong but last time I saw the advertising was the one in Aspen. Maybe it was in an article I read... the pictures were truly stunning!
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  7. Wow, lucky you! I’m glad these special items “spark joy”
  8. That pesky extra 0 An H croc liquor cabinet sounds incredible though
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  9. Oh haha they should! After all, the pieces are designed and made just to fit the owner and their lives.
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  10. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing it @balihai88 :tup:
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  11. I have a Horizon project in progress as well - can't share too much at this stage but I can say it's a really fun and cool process. We even got to meet the designers and craftspeople who will work on it last time we were in Paris. :loveeyes:

  12. That’s so so cool. Maybe we could even have a “ode to” for those who want to share?
  13. They won't share coz H usually advises them not to share on forums or social media. :smile:
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  14. Yep.
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  15. Congrats and enjoy!