made to order/tailor made/commande speciale - Horizons

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  1. This is EXACTLY what Horizon is about. You can always enquire, they do SLGs as well and can customise it to fit your brushes and probably monogram or personalize it in some way. We collected our bags a while ago.
  2. I think so. Hermès probably likes that it represents both the function and the whimsy they are known for. I see there is a silver lining of some sort but stretching that leather to cover it is really amazing.
  3. After one has an order completed, it is much easier to order a repeat in other leather/ Exotic/ different size.
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  4. Gosh, thank you for encouraging me to ask about it :smile: I think I’m just hesitant asking about it as I’m not a VIP or have spent anywhere near a VIP. My SA has mentioned abt customization before but I didn’t give it much thought as I assumed those are for bags/larger items only. But I for sure will ask her next time. Hope I don’t embarrass her LOL

    Oh my goodness, u have collected yr Special beauty! I know u can’t share pics but I hope you are 10000% happy with it. Does SC have a special stamp on the items, like horseshoe for SO? It’s a forever piece of art!
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  5. Thank you for letting me feel “less crazy” :smile: :smile: maybe a Banana carrier next LOL
  6. Good luck to you! The bags both have horseshoes and mine has my initials. My DH’s has a very special interior embossing designed by him.
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  7. Another example of a Horizon order: Rolls-Royce car interior and a custom bag with Rolls-Royce zipper and hot stamp

    A73A0E47-31A3-418D-B6EA-BE988F0208E8.jpeg C81CE9CA-B057-4306-81F8-9D6C0BA97345.jpeg 6058B20F-43EE-48DE-9710-219725616EFC.jpeg F99EF1EB-45AC-413E-984D-4DE30D3D6611.jpeg 4C9DD63E-02D0-4BC7-ACF1-F22BBD986C6C.jpeg

    Pics from hermes_cannes @ IG
  8. Another Rolls-Royce custom car interior

    Image from hermes_cannes @ IG
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  9. Great article! Thank you for posting this! :heart:
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  10. Very interesting. Sounds like they can make just about anything.
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  11. Extremely extravaganzas lifestyle haha
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  12. Even a case to carry an apple in
  13. I know right?! If someone here has gotten anything made through this extra super special order service we’d love to hear about it!!
  14. I know members who have. My DH n I have had that pleasure. Nothing extravagant like a yacht but we enjoy our items daily. What he said about the bags is spot on. :amuse:
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