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  1. if you submit your own idea of how a bag is like and structured and let Hermes design it based on your idea, will you expect that this bag is exclusive to you? In other words, will you expect that Hermes can produce the same bag to other customers without your authorisation?
  2. Is this the same as the Horizon service? From my understanding of that, you don't own the design or the IP but certainly they will try to make each product individually for the customer...would love to hear more details on what you're doing though! Sounds exciting!
  3. May I know what is meant by "Horizon service"?

    Yes, the IP rights of the product is owned by Hermes. For example, the copyright of Kelly Lakis is owned by Hermes. They had to sign an agreement with Mr. Lakis to have his authorisation so that Hermes can put Kelly Lakis in its collection as the Kelly Lakis was 'originated' from Mr. Lakis.
  4. Nope, they will not reproduce the bag without your permission. So if someone saw you with your bag and really liked it, Hermes would not make them the exact same bag without your approval.
  5. it was the case....but not now anymore.....
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    Really? That's what they told me in Paris a few weeks ago... Will try asking again.
  7. Hermes Horizons is a subsidiary of Hermès dedicated to customization. Made to order handbags (not special orders) are created in this branch. What I understand is they will not reproduce the bag without your consent even though the IP and the design is owned by them. There might have been changes recently, though my SA hasn't informed me yet.
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  8. Horizon covers all special customized items by Hermes, from bags to wardrobes, jewellery to furniture and interiors of your jet/ car/ yacht. I was given a presentation on it. As far as I know, it was all meant to be exclusive.
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  9. yes...please...ask for the contract terms...
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  10. I just re-read the title of your thread, did you do Commande Speciale? I'm not sure if that's a little different than Horizons, as I've seen CS orders of existing designs (just ones that were discontinued for a while like special editions, or in new colorways/hardware previously not available). So perhaps that is where the confusion is coming from?
  11. Yes, I refer to CS....the CS system allows both creation of new things or order from discontinued collection. I appreciate that for existing design, Hermes can retain the right to offer to other customers. However, for designs originating from and commissioned by a particular customer, I don't see why Hermes can have the liberty to offer that design to other customers or put into large production without the prior consent from that customer.
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  12. This is a very interesting thread. Especially the notion of being able to order a discontinued item.
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    You're right - I'm looking at the contract terms:
    The Customer further accepts that Hermès grants no exclusivity on Products and that, subject to not reusing any Distinctive Signs belonging to the Customer, Hermès is free to manufacture the Products for other Customers and/or to include such Products in collections offered to Hermès clientèle.

    But I do think the crux might be whether if your bag design (provided by you) is considered a "Distinctive Sign."
  14. Does the contract have a definitions section? If so, check there for a definition of Distinctive Signs. In my experience, capitalized terms like that are usually defined in the document.
  15. I have a friend who recently ordered a Sac Monaco (a very old design). Apparently the atelier was thrilled.
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