Made to Order: Now featuring Sofia

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  1. I heard from my wonderful SA that the SOFIA bag is now available in the Made-to-order collection! :nuts: That means you can order a Sofia in just about any leather/exotic/color that Ferragamo offers in their made-to-order catalog. The price is reasonable, too -- not much higher than retail if I recall correctly.

    Is anyone tempted? Can we enable you?:graucho:
  2. #2 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    Wow that's great... I bought a sofia in a store on Bond Street in August. The sale person said that the particular color ( mettalic green) was the exclusive to the store. There were only two bags made for the store one big and one in small.

    So after hearing the little story about it. We couldn't say no. So we purchased it. I'm not so sure about the ''exclusiveness'' of the bag but loved the color and the style.

    I'm really happy that sofia has become a made-to-order model. i love the classic-look with a twist that ferragamo is famous for :smile:

    Just a sideline I would want another sofia in smaller size in a blueish color for the spring :smile: any thought on other combos?

  3. Have you seen the new oceano blue? It's stunning! Looks like the Mediteranean on a cloudless day. I'm getting a pair of ballerina flats in it in a month or two.
  4. :nuts: What about hardware? Can you get gold?
  5. I believe there are hardware options, too! :yahoo:

    Call Seth to check: (415) 391-6565
    Tell him Doreen sent you. ;)
  6. That is AWESOME news! I will call to confirm. Thanks Doreen!

    Given this new revelation, I would like your opinion. I want to get the medium sized black Sofia. It will be my everyday bag. So it will be my workhorse bag that I need to transition into a night bag for nice dinners on occasion. I will also use it on the weekend. If I have the option- should I go for silver or gold hardware?
  7. Personally I think the brushed antique gold hardware looks lovely against black. Silver is a little more daytime IMO, but opinions will vary.
  8. Thanks Doreen, interested also.
  9. OMG!!!! I am very excited to hear this!
  10. Doreen I spoke with Seth and he is an absolute doll! Extremely nice person, he had to do some research for me and was so patient. It was funny because as soon as I mentioned your name he knew exactly who I was talking about and was so excited! You must be a regular there :P

    Well unfortunately they don't do the regular Sofia with brushed gold HW but you can chose your hardware if you are getting other skins.

    Thanks so much!
  11. I'm glad you found the information you needed and came back to post about it!

    I hope they add the hardware options to the leather Sofia soon!

    Seth is a wonderful SA. I'm glad you had a good experience.
  12. My SA said that the SO Sofia is for exotic skins, not calf :sad: She imagines that may change in the near future though! Anyone else hear this?