Made some Wallpapers for RAZRs

  1. yeha i was board so i decided to make some more for our collection here, these ones are from the acctuall website so they look really cool lol, i can have some others if yo uliek as well, the geiselle with the bucket, the stam with the model, jlos ad and a hermes add which i love ill upload thoes too if you like?
    RAZR mono.jpg RAZR vernis.jpg RAZR cerese single.jpg RAZR ceries.jpg
  2. Can you make one with the double cerises like on the Keepall and Sac Plat? :biggrin: Those are my fave... ;)
  3. if you give me a pic, i dont have a flat version of that on my comp. the clearer the better (i took the cerise ones from when they had them up on the vuitton site a while ago) :smile:
  4. Im off for the night so i thought i would upload these as well enjoy :graucho:
    RAZR Blue mini.jpg RAZR giselle.jpg RAZR Jlo.jpg RAZR red stam.jpg RAZR hermes.jpg
  5. How cool! OK - I'm a total moron when it comes to technology... I've just got one of the original wallpapers on my Razr. How can I use one of yours? Thanks!
  6. ^ im not that much better tweety lol but for this you just download them (right click then 'save as') and the way i put them on is i put them through the motorola program that i was given with the phone, and using the USB cable you click the multimiedia studio> image studio> then find the pic on ur comp through my images (adjust it if you like but beacuse i resized them they wont need it) then send to phone, and its as easy as pie (this is comign from a person whom couldnt figure out how to turn their ipod on)
  7. thanks so much, i will save some of those! :biggrin:
  8. YAY! I just saved some on my phone!!:yes: :heart: Thanks so much!
  9. OMG! I love those, but I have a sidekick!
  10. totally gorgeous naughtymanolo !

    I will try to see if these work on my MorotolaQ.

    (I had made a screen out of a close up of one of my handbags - yours are better !!
  11. Thanks! Still waiting for my USB cord..can't wait to change my wallpaper now!