Made seller offer after auction ended with no bids. Best way to pay and be protected?

  1. I contacted a seller after her auction ended with no bids. She countered my offer and I'm accepting since its still an ok deal. What is the best way to pay and be protected? Her auction only had one picture do I haven't seen the inside of the bag and the creed (this is for a coach purse and wallet) but I'm fairly confident the items are real. Should I ask her to list a buy it now and contact me with the info? Thanks.
  2. That is a really bad idea. Coach purses are often faked and sometimes can look quite real. Wallets are faked even more than purses.

    I would ask for lots of pictures and then get it authenticated in the Coach subforum before you start to work out a deal.
  3. ^^Agreed! Ask for all photos now and authenticate before sending payment.
  4. Ask for more photos & try to authenticate..

    If everything looks good would definitely pay with a credit card...
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'll ask for pictures of the creed and hang tag. I've never purchased a coach wallet before so I know I should ask of a photo with the wallet opened but is there also some type of creed in the wallets?
  6. Check with the coach authentication thread to find out what photos you need to request.
  7. Wallets are hard to authenticate. Most don't have creeds. However, if the purse is authentic and the wallet seems authentic, I would be comfortable with it.

    I have made offers after listings have ended and the sellers usually just relist and end the auction after I bid. The fees are a little less on auctions than on buy it nows. I have also sold things this way. That way we get eBay protection.
  8. I have also been accepted for purchasing items after the auction ended, and I ask for them to put the item up on eBay for me to purchase, let me know the item number, and I buy it. That way, what started on eBay, stays on ebay.
  9. I would have her do another listing with BIN since fees are lower for the seller.

    Then you will be protected by ebay buyer's program.
  10. Looks like no sale. She never sent me photos of the creed.
  11. Sounds like you ended up with a better deal by not getting stuck with a fake bag. I'm sure the right one will come up soon for you, OP!