Made My First LV Purchase! - Pictures

  1. Hi, I'm fairly new here, and I made my first modest, but very exciting, LV purchase this weekend! I hope to get the matching speedy sometime soon. :love: I was so excited, I was almost shakey, and my fiance said I was slightly red. I've never gone in an LV boutique to actually make a purchase before or really even ask to see and hold items. I went to the Minneapolis boutique...they weren't terribly busy (about 3 other customers browsing at the time) but neither of the SAs approached me, I had to approach one and once I did she was very friendly and helpful. Anyway... here's my new baby! :nuts:
    lv01.jpg lv02.jpg lv03.jpg lv04.jpg lv05.jpg
  2. Congrats and welcome to tPF. I like your pink coach heritage mini skinny too!
  3. Hey, welcome to the forum. It might be a small purchase, but it is very exciting!! I think that pouch is a perfect way to ease into LV! I love how you got shakey, stepping into LV for the first time to make a purchase is very exciting. I'm happy you got the whole experience and it went smoothly! It's also a plus that the SA was nice, that IMO is what makes and completes a store purchase.
  4. Welcome. It is fun going to LV for the first time. I remember being pretty nervous too. I think your bag is darling and looks perfect on you. I love Damier and I'm glad you picked it for a first purchase...very durable and easy to keep.
  5. Yes! It was also so fun to try on purses instead of just wondering how they would look. It's also probably a bad thing though because now I'm determined to get my next item lol.... When we left the store my fiance said, "stop smiling so much!" and not because he doesn't want me to be happy, but because he just doesn't get the purse thing! :p
  6. Besides just loving the look of it, the durability is another reason why I picked it. I live in Minnesota where it snows anywhere from 5 - 7 months out of the year, and you never know when it's going to rain in the warmer season, so not having to worry about keeping a clean patina is a plus for me!
  7. congrats that's a great choice for a first LV:tup: I have the same one and you will soon understand the subtleness of Damier and this wont be your last purchase it's just the start:graucho:
  8. congrats! and welcome to the purseforum :smile:
  9. *YaY* :woohoo:

    Congrats on your 1st LV purchase and Welcome to tPF!!
  10. cutesy! great 1st bag!
  11. Congrats on the cute new purchase!

    Also, welcome to tPF and the addicting world of LV... :graucho:
  12. nice nice nice! congrats!
  13. welcome to LV! your new damier is darling and it looks great on you.
  14. Nice first LV piece.....congratulations, it won't be your last !!
  15. Congrats on making that first move. I know how wonderful and exciting the whole experience was. You just feel sooo great and proud of yourself. I agree with all the others, it will quickly lead to the next purchase. Have fun!