Made my decision (Was: Help me make a decision)

  1. Yesterday my friend and I spent the day shopping at Saks. After modelling the Zucca Spy (which I had not planned on), Cognac Spy & Prada Gauffre, I decided that the Zucca Spy looks better on me. Plus, the price at Jomashop is fantastic. If the baby spy in Cognac comes on Jomashop please let me know. I want it.

    So, one Zucca spy is on its way to me. :wlae:

    I am now waiting to catch a Prada Gauffre on sale.:yahoo:
  2. IHAL--You & I have similar taste in bags! I have oodles of zucca zucca & zucca nappa spy well as cognac....Congrats! :yahoo:

    BTW, despite the weird description, believe this is a Cognac spy on jomashop - the coding at least matches cognac:
  3. Thanks Baglady. I think I came out a winner here:smile: I love the Cognac, but it did not look so great on me. Plus, I think the Zucca & brown will go with most any color I wear. I may still buy the Cognac sometime later:rolleyes:

    I also bought this one to match the shoes I got from Saks last week.

    Oh, I have been so bad.:p

  4. Congrats to you...! It's a very pretty bag.

    Now this is supposed to be cognac it really doesn't look like it. I might call, being in France I would fear to end up with the wrong bag?!

  5. i just received the zucca spy from jomashop today & it is tdf!! you'll love it! if you want to see pictures of it that i posted, they're on the thread "my zucca spy from jomashop just arrived :heart:" haha congrats!!:nogood: