Made In ???????

  1. I `ve just looked inside my Annie and see that the bag was made in Turkey , I just wondered is it random where each bag is made or is it all Annies made in Turkey , Mabels in uk....etc etc.....

    If anyone else has a Annie would be really interested to see where your bag was made.

    Oh and my Hanover was also made in turkey - SJ where was yours made ???
  2. I think the bags are made all over the place, my wallet is 'made in china', belt 'made in england', and Rockeley 'made in turkey'.
  3. I wonder how many factories they have ????

    I know that many years ago Mulberry was a British make , now you can get a Mulberry made in China????
  4. My E/W Bayswater was made in England, but my Belle was made in China

    No offence to anyone from China here, but I do prefer to buy bags made in England.
  5. All my Mulberries were made in turkey. 2 Antony's- one from Harrods and one from Mulberry shop, Annie- bought from small boutique and Bayswater- from Mulberry outlet!
    Apparently all the leather is quality tested over here and then the leather is sent out to the various factories. Doesn't really bother me where the factory is as long as the workmanship is up to standard and the workers aren't exploited.
  6. My Hanover was made in Turkey too. A lot of my Mulberries are older so they were made in England. Mulberry has been using Turkey for quite some time although there was talk of them bringing manufacture back to the UK.
    I'm with Jo, as long as the workmanship is good and there's no exploitation, that's fine with me.
    You ought to hear some people on other forums on this one - at LV everyone is obsessed with their bags being made in France.
  7. I just got a Rachel and it says made in Turkey. I checked my Elgin, but couldn't find the info anywhere. The Rachel has a lining and there was a small tag on the seam. The Elgin is unlined..
  8. Hahahaha!! God you are all going to laugh,I'm such a bloody snob!! When I got the Roxy it had a made in Turkey label inside it,and as I thought Mulberry was a quintisentially English brand,I turned round to Andy and announced,'well;I'm not bloody having that!!' so I cut it out!!!

    I have to say though,as times gone on,I feel very much the same as Jo and Sarajane on the whole provenance thing.As long as its well made,and no-ones exploited,I don't mind.(Andy still chuckles over my label incident,looking back it is quite funny!!)
  9. The same model can be made in different countries, for example, you can get a bayswater made in England, Turkey, Spain or China. The carcass is made overseas and then they are finished in Somerset, so there is at least some element of 'Britishness' about them.
  10. I understand now !!! Just a bit surprised actually .

    I thought that with designer bags that was part of what you are paying for , i.e Lv bags would you get one made in China,a chanel bag made in Turkey?
    or maybe a Hermes made in India ?
    I would expect it maybe from H+M just surprised to see it in Mulberry, still is anything made in the U.k these days!!!!!
  11. Interesting! I checked my bags and found that my glacé bayswater is made in spain, tooled bayswater in china and somerset shoulderbag also in china. Tooled wallet in china and glacé wallet in turkey. the only english mulberry pieces I own seem to be the belts, lol, they are all stamped made in england...
  12. this probably has to do with keeping the integrity of the brand. By producing less, may increase price. Well these days (as many of you may know already), you can find authentic LV bags made in spain, usa, italy, and france.
  13. Really so they all do it do they???

    How about Hermes , I can`t see Victoria Beckham walking about with a bag made in India???
  14. I think Hermes is the exception - they are definitely handmade in France. That's why they cost an absolute fortune!
  15. My preference for having a bag made in England is mainly cos of the air miles rather than the snob factor - they can make them here, so I'd prefer they didn't have to travel thousands of miles. So, if I have to buy a Mulberry that was made overseas, I'd rather have a bag made in Turkey than China simply cos it's closer :smile: