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Nov 21, 2005
Hi girls,
I've been posting in the other threads about my dislike for the monogram speedy (no offense to anyone ;) ), but I must come clean...the main reason I did not buy that bag was because it was not made in France. All the bags at the boutique were made in the u.s.a. Dont get me wrong, Im all about the red, white, and blue :biggrin: , but isnt l.v so expensive because its made in france?
does this bother anyone else or is it just me??? :wacko:
I've also heard that the L.V's that are made in spain and the U.S are considered "second grade" this true???
Louis Vuitton has factories in France, Spain and the USA. They also have a factory in Switzerland which makes the watches. The quality is universal, since they do have to adhere to a certain standard.. but if you really want a Speedy that was made in France, you can purchase a used one on eBay or better yet, pick one up the next time you're in Europe, it's cheaper in Euros !
I love some LV being "put together in the US" after all some of us have a job. Vintage LV that was made in the US had a totally different look at one time. LV materials used aren't manufactured here they are sent from overseas. What bothers me is Coach made in China...if they can't keep up with production here how about making some items here like LV does. Lately I do check tags and labels and am more picky with my purchase. A couple I know just lost their home because the company he worked for farmed work outside the US...I see that as a problem.
dk2504 said:
Hi girls,
but isnt l.v so expensive because its made in france?

LV is so expensive because it is a luxury brand and true quality merchandise. It does not matter to me which factory(USA, France, or Spain) my LV's are from, they are all the same, they are all LV afterall. If you just want the tag to say made in France call a store over there and ask them to send you one.
I really dont care what the tag says, I can always get one from Paris while im in France over the summer. I was just told that LV's made in the u.s and spain were different than the ones made in france. it was just a question..
i don't see why people think that quality work can only be done in certain first bag was a coach, and it says made in china, and i'll be d*mned if it hasn't held up much better than some of my bags made in italy and france (that are also MUCH more expensive).
I had a friend who worked at a LV Boutique. She said there is a DEFINITE difference in quality between bags made in USA vs Spain vs France. Her advise to me: ALWAYS ask for the bags made in France. Make the sales people go through the store inventory, if necessary; don't settle for a USA or Spain-made product, regardless of what the SA says..."they're all the same". They AREN'T!! For the same price, get a France-made LV.
new convert,
I think if everyone insists on the made in France label then at some point LV would close the USA and Spain factories for financial reasons. Hence, the loss of jobs.

Quite frankly, I do not care where my LV is made as long as it made with the finest quality materials, superior craftpersonship, and highest degree of detail. With that said, I would take a made in Spain bag because of its rarity. I would take a made in USA bag because LV, a foreign brand, is cordial enough to invest in the skills of US laborers (unlike some other U.S.-based companies like COACH transferring jobs oversees in hopes of gaining cheaper labor and higher profits). Heck, I think out of all the designer bags I own, LV is the only brand with products marked "made in U.S.A." Even more reasons to love LV. :love:
as long as it isn't made in china. i hate huge corporations that want to maximize their profits with cheap labor like coach does. i do agree the quality is superb, i just don't agree with their moral ethics. so no more coach for me.