MAde in U.S.A club

  1. I only have 1, my Damier Azur pochette. Is there a Made in Spain club? I'll join, too! ;)
  2. Here's what I have that was made in USA: Mono speedy 30, BH, mono pti, popincourt haute, damier alma and mono pochette. Love them all!
  3. My denim baggy pm was made in the USA. I was actually very happy when I saw that because it means more American jobs. I don't like that most of the products we buy come from overseas. Just my 2 cents : )
  4. My large looping bag was made in USA. Got it in 2001 in California....
  5. My mono speedy 30 and neverfull MM were made in the USA, and I love them!
  6. My Damier Azur Speedy 30 is made in USA.
  7. I actually did have a problem with it, but I just got over it! LOL

    I just purchased a lovely Speedy 30 that was made in the USA!


    Its funny I have a cles that was made in Spain, an Agenda made in France and a Speedy made in the USA... I have pieces from all of the factories :smile:
  8. My Speedy 25 I purchased in San Antonio is made the USA! I didn't think this was a bad thing...?

  9. I'm from Europe, so almost everything I have was made in France, except from my Koala Wallet from Spain. But I bought my Batignolles Vertical from a friend in the USA, so it's made in the usa, yeehaa!!

  10. My Damier speedy ebony 30 and Moyen Monturis MM are both made in USA I don't care as long as I know its LV and I bought it in a LV store . Both in USA ( Seattle n Sanfo )
  11. My Speedy 30, Cabas Piano, Neverfull MM, and Musette Tango (all Mono) were Made in USA and I am fine with it.
  12. my bh is made in usa.
  13. I'm in! The Mono pochette wallet I just bought today was made in USA.
  14. My mono speedy 25 is made in USA
  15. My BH and mono Speedy 30.