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  1. I know that many here have *issues* with their bags not being made in France. But I thought it would be interesting to see how many here actually dont care and how many of us have a bag/ accessory from the USA.
  2. so far I found one .. my MC black pochette
    untitledbottom.jpg IMG_1220.jpg
  3. My mono speedy 30 is made in USA.
  4. My speedy 30 is made in the USA, and I don't mind! :smile:
  5. My musette salsa was made in the USA
  6. oh, and I do not mind either!
  7. You know I didnt even notice that my pochette as made in USA until I read a post about others having issues with their lv's being made there.
  8. My Batignolles Horizontal, Damier Speedy 30 and one of my pochettes were made in the USA (black, I think).
  9. My Damier Speedy 25 was made in USA! I didn't even notice until a couple weeks later, oddly! I wasn't sure if it should bother me, but I decided not to sweat it because I still love the bag and I have other things to worry about. Go USA! ;)
  10. ^^ totally agree with you.
  11. My B-H was made in USA

    and my pink denim baggy ....
  12. Both my damier speedy and neverfull were made in USA.
    And I don't mind as long as they are not fake.

    My co-worker wears fake Mono speedy. And I don't know what to say! Other funny thing is my sis sent me a fake mono wallet. I don't want to throw it away or even use it with any of my authentic purses. It's kinda wired!
  13. I have always wondered - where in the USA is the LV 'factory' (or workshop, whatever it is called)?
  14. Its in Cali I believe,
  15. San Dimas actually... that is what the SD stands for...

    I have been blessed to have all of my bags made in the USA... well all but 1... a vintage bag made before the US factory opened...