made in turkey miu miu large metalasse tote?

  1. Does anyone know if all miu miu metalasse bags are made in turkey? or if there are some made in italy?

    I bought my bag in a miu miu store but has a made in turkey tag in the inside pocket, should this cause an alarm? please help.
  2. All are made in Turkey. I have never seen one made anywhere else. Congrats on your new bag!!:party:
  3. Don't worry it's all made in Turkey...because the leather quality is really good and cheap in Turkey
    Also I read an article few months ago that most of the Prada/Miu Miu bags started to made in Turkey
  4. Phew... that is what bothers me initially when I got my coffer. I was like, huh isn't it suppose to be made in France/Italy... heh hee. Thanks to Karmachazz for clarifying.