"Made in the USA"?

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  1. Hello, I mostly lurk at this forum but I have to ask something that's been bugging me. I'm sorry if this is common knowledge, but I don't really know much about LV.

    I have one of my Grandma's LV wallets that is at least 15 years old. It says "Made in U.S.A." on the inside. Was LV ever made in America? I thought it was only made in France. My Grandma was an SA at Saks before she died, so I'm assuming that's where she got the wallet. I doubt she would have bought a fake, but I just want to be reassured. I would have posted this to the Authenticate forum, but for some reason I can't get to it anymore.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Yes they do.:yes:
  3. Yes, LV is and was made in the USA. Can you post pics here for us to take a look?
  4. Oh, I'm so glad. Unfortunately I don't have a camera to take pictures.
  5. they also have items made in Spain like my bf's billlfold wallet
  6. France, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain...
    Louis Vuitton items can be made in any of those countries, although I think...in Germany, they only make the watches?
  7. Yup they are made in USA (my mono speedy and wallet are USA made)
  8. Yep, and Italy generally has special edition items ! :yes:
  9. Is it best to look for "made in france"?
  10. Not necessarily, logic. The made in the USA items are just as nice and in fact, some people prefer them better. As long as it's authentic, they are all equally nice, IMO. :smile:
  11. o0h thanks Betsy for the clarification. Just that my friends (who don't know much about LV) prefer "Made in France" even though the USA is also authentic, they say "...It's the feeling...of having the original-original"... (??)
  12. Italy makes the shoes, on the Veneto, near Venice!

    And don't they sometime get special items made in odd places? I remember a few years back, there were some rain coats made in Scotland with some special tartan?

  13. My Fuchsia Vernis Sullivan Vert. is stamped "Made in Italy". :heart:

    There are some vintage pieces which were made in Germany.
  14. i've ordered a few bags from elux and the only one i haven't had to exchange due to defect/imperfections was my manhattan bag made in good 'ol usa. my mom's made in france bag had a zipper defect so we had to return it. my made in spain tote had multiple imperfections so i had to keep on exchanging it. so i say not all made in france bags are best-it really depends on the bag. ;)