"Made in the USA" Why do pfers not like this?

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  1. I personally don't care where my LV's are made... as long as it's real, that's all that matters! :tup:
  2. For me, I feel like France just has more luxurious-ness to it. :P

    But really, I don't care all that much. As long it's not a fake, it's fine.
  3. I personally do not care whether my LV is Made in the USA or Made in France. That said, I do have two 45 Keepalls, both with straps. I use my Made in the USA ALL the time. My Made in France just sits in the closet. I love the patina on my USA bag. Just a perference and there is no difference in the quality of these two bags. Nice to know that they are not made in China like some other designers have moved to.
  4. Who wants to eat a authentic Italian pizza from pizza hut?if u get what i mean.
  5. All of my bags are made in France (just lucky on that one, since they were ordered and not hand picked by me) except my damier azur speedy 25 which was made in USA. God, I love that speedy! So, I wish it was made in France, but in the end I don't love it any less, and vachetta is still pale and gorgeous and whole bag is simply awesome! It was ordered from Valley Fair! I need to post a pic of her soon!
  6. but aren't some LE or specialty items only made in spain? if or is every style made in france in some in the other factories?
  7. Ok... I'm starting to care about it after reading this thread now..:rolleyes:

    Actually, I don't mind..whether it's made in U.S.A (only for mono pleaseeee), France (for all other bags), Spain (for small items), or Italy (for LE); so far I only have 2 that made in U.S.A (the BH & the mono Speedy) and there's no problem.

    I think it's based on your location since there's a LV factory here; so the merchadise is sold to people in this location...

    I will continue to buy LV, as long as the authentic one isn't stamped "Louis Vuitton Made in China".:yucky:
  8. I don't mind at all.
  9. The quality is no different no matter where the bag is made. That said, I will only buy European made LVs- the Made in the USA bags just don't seem as "special" to me. Ideally I'd like only Made in France, but with many LE and seasonal pieces it's just not possible.
  10. If its a French brand, I want my bag to be made in France too. It doesnt feel right carrying something thats not made in its country of origin. Its just my preference :smile:
  11. It doesn't matter to me where the bag is made as long as the quality is good. My LV bags & accessories are from all over the world.
  12. As long as they are real that is all I care about.
  13. I don't care where my bags were made...LV is LV is LV
  14. it's not even something I check but as I am in Europe it is very very unlikely that I'd get a US made bag
  15. I don't think I've ever paid attention to it when buying. It just happened both of the bags I bought in the U.S. were made in France.

    Now I'm living in Europe, I think it's just a given that I won't come across made in U.S.A. bags.