Made In.... Question...

  1. So I got a Duomo tonight--it was the display bag, so I didn't have a choice in "picking it out." Well, it turns out it's Made in Spain, but the clochette that holds the key says "Paris."

    I can be a little OCD (obsessive-compulsive) and now it's bugging me a tad that the bag says a different country from the clochette! I bought it at a NM LV boutique. Do you think the regular boutique will let me trade bags? I haven't used it yet.

  2. First of all, congrats on your duomo purchase! :yes: I don't know if the boutique will let you trade for another duomo. My gut feeling is that it probably wouldn't. :Push:

    If you haven't used it, call your local boutique to see if they have a duomo available, if it does, then return the one you bought from NM.

  3. ^^Thanks! I know that the free-standing boutiques let you do exchanges with NM LV or Saks LV purchases as long as it's an equal or greater exchange. So technically, I'm asking to do an even exchange....

    I think I'll give it a shot and ask. I wanted to buy my bag with my NM card, so I'd rather not return and then buy at the boutique.
  4. Gotcha! Learn something new in this forum everyday! :graucho:

    Please post pics when you have it all taken care of!! :flowers:
  5. just curious, since it was a display piece, did you pay the regular price?
  6. ^^Yup, no discounts on display pieces..
  7. ^^ I wish that's the case! I'd get all the display damier + epi anytime! :nuts: