"Made In" Quality Difference

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  1. I was in the Yorkdale Holt's today and was looking at a new Siena MM - made in the USA. The handle leather is different from my new Siena MM - made in France. It was rubbery and dull - it felt cheaper. Also, the crossbody strap was not the same nice and shiny brown leather. I am disappointed in the inconsistency of the brand currently.
  2. I think the USA bags do have a different sort of canvas. All the ones i have looked at from USA are lighter, less texture and more dull looking than the made in france or spain ones and the canvas feels more rubbery
  3. Personally, I avoid made in USA bags at all cost. It’s a personal preference, but also from bad experiences I’ve had with
    Made in USA pieces I’ve purchased and seen. Some pieces are damn near impossible to find made overseas, but they are out there. In looking at Keepalls, for example, the US made handles were very sloppy compared to the French made pieces.
  4. This funny because my made in US key pouch looked a whole lot better than my MIF.
  5. I don't know if there is such a thing as a difference between MIF or MIU in terms of quality. I never checked for this until my most recent purchase in Jan, (influenced by the forum for sure) My most used item is MIU and it's made beautifully. I have a 2001 MIF piece with alignment issue (not at the seams). I think it's all random.

    I, for one would like for them to bring the made is USA stamp back on their bags.
  6. I'm sure there are quality differences among all factories in every country. I returned a MIF NF because it was pretty terrible. The alignment was super off on the sides (on DE it's very noticeable) and the pocket zipper wasn't centered properly so there was a big gap when it was zipped shut. The MIU replacement I got was 100% perfect.
  7. That would be a first. There have been numerous threads where the US made key pouches are of much lesser quality compared to MIF key pouches, along with pics. As long as you are happy with your purchase that’s all that matters.
  8. I had commented on my purchase of the Siena (February) on another thread. The ends of my strap use two different pieces of hardware. I ended up keeping my bag - with this "flaw" or "unique" quality - however I choose to look at it - because of the noticeable "betterness" of the materials making up the France bag.
  9. I have bags and SLGs that are MIF and some that are MIU. Some of my MIU bags are better than the MIF and vice versa. I don’t think MIF bags are better across the board. It just depends on the bag.
  10. Also you guys, the canvas could've been made anywhere in the world, the made in brand on the bag doesn't give you any pointers as to where the canvas was produced.
  11. I must be lucky, as I haven't noticed any quality issues in any of my pieces, regardless of where they were made. Then again I am pretty meticulous when I inspect them in store. I look for scratches, stains, symmetry, loose threads, etc.
  12. Nor have I.
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  13. Josephine wallet made in Spain on left made in USA on right ( both made this year ) 57350489523__4B10E320-170F-48D4-90B6-075E1884667A.JPG
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  14. Precisely. It only signifies where the items were finished.
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  15. I think this may be influenced by how someone perceives a certain country too.
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