Made in Italy tag for zip clutch?

  1. Is the Made in Italy marking an indented stamp or a metal plate on the zip clutch? Or does it depend on season, etc?
  2. I have a quilted clutch and two soft calf clutches (one from a few years ago and another from this season) and all three of them have the made in italy on the nameplate. I have not seen the made in italy any where else on a zip clutch but I guess it does depend on season.
  3. My "made in italy" on my ursula zip clutch is stamped into the leather under the name. There's no metal plate.
  4. ^^ Can you ladies state the color/season_year of your clutch? =)
  5. Petrol Quilted Clutch, spring 05 (?), burgundy suede lining, gold hardware
    Emerald Clutch, fall 06, dark blue suede lining, gold hardware
    I have a third clutch but do not know what season it came from. It is a light brown color with brown stitching, burgundy suede lining, silver hardware.

    All three have the MJ nameplate w/made in Italy underneath it on nameplate.
  6. Thanks. =) How can we possibly remember all these changing details?
    In addition to money tree, we need to update our knowledge regularly. =)
  7. Mine is Cola and patent. Not 100% sure about the season, Fall 2005 or Spring 2006, maybe? The style number on the tag is C361417. There doesn't seem to be a tag inside with a datecode.
    Mine has canvas lining, not suede.
  8. Kezza, Cola (along with other colors in the Patent Leather line) is from Spring 2006 Collection. =)
  9. Ah, thank you! That's what I was thinking, but I didn't want to be too certain and be wrong.
    I should note that the quilted calfskin clutch I saw at NM a month or two ago (so, Summer or Fall 06, I guess) also had the canvas lining that my patent clutch has, as well as the stamped name and italy marking, no plate.
    Hope this helps! :flowers: