Made in Italy Question???

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  1. Hi Gucci Experts:

    This question is actually for my friend who doesn't have internet access, but she just bought a purse from the sale and got it delivered today and everything looked good with it except she did notice that on the "Made in Italy" tag inside the bag, that there was a G in a circle to the left of the R thats in the circle. I hope that makes sense, she didn't have pictures to send me... I haven't bought a new purse in a while and all my other Gucci purses don't have this "G" they only hav the Made in Italy with a R in a circle above it. For those that know or have bought a purse recently is this a new thing?? Any advice would be great so I can pass it along, she got the purse delivered from the outlet in Vacaville...
  2. The G is the outlet marking - I believe it's to prevent people from purchasing at an outlet and trying to return it at the boutique. Department stores do this by marking the tags with a black marker.
  3. Ooh okay thanks so much, I'll let her know! :biggrin:
  4. Yup - what Ghst Dreamer said!
  5. I was just about to start a thread asking the same question. Good thing I looked around first. I bought a wallet from the Vacaville outlet and it just arrived today and is gorgeous, but I noticed a little G enclosed in a circle embossed into the wallet. I've owned multiple Gucci bags and wallets and they don't have such a marking. Well, now I know why. Does anyone know if this is Vacaville-specific, or do all of the outlets do the little G stamp?

    Thanks for starting this thread MamaGG and the rest of you for the explanation! TPF never fails. :biggrin: I have to say though, that if they're gonna mark the outlet products, at least make the G straight! It's totally crooked and randomly marked. :sad:
  6. Yes, all the outlets do it.