Made in Italy Circled--Need your help

  1. Hi all, my black wiht gold Chanel coin tote, with serial number starting with a 7 has the Chanel stamp inside and under the stamp it says "made in italy". The made in Italy stamp is circled. Do any of your bags have this circled? Thanks so much!
  2. I have two medallion caviar totes a white and a black and they are both made in france with the serial # starting with 1.
  3. Where'd you get it?
  4. I just checked both my medallion totes and they do not have anything in a circle. Made in France stamped under Chanel on the zip pocket.
  5. Hey Swanky, not sure if this was directed at me or the post right above yours but mine was purchased at the Chanel boutique. The only reason I am asking is not to authenticate but to learn more about the circled made in stamp. I'd misinterpreted something on the auth thread and thought that someone;) was saying a bag wasn't authentic because of the circle. I truly never notice these things about my bags because when I buy in boutique, I never really look everything over very careful. I just wear the bag and enjoy:yahoo: . I happened to notice on the auth thread because I had just taken pix of my bag b/c I was thinking about selling it on e-bay and was just getting ready...
    Anyway, I don't want to alarm anyone, just was wondering if I could find out more about this incase I do list and get questions. Michelle answered me on the auth thread and may be able to get me more info...
  6. Stacy, Getting ready to look in a few. I just need to finish some reading for school. The more I think about it, I know I have seen the "Made in Italy" inside a circle w/the gold leaf print, and not just on a tag like I had showed you. I just can't remember who had the bag (a sign of getting older) yikes.

    Thanks for the compliment :flowers: on the other thread.
  7. oh cool! Yes, I was asking you, I couldn't remember if you had mentioned where you bought the bag.