Made in... how much is important for you?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Another question for you. I was wondering how much is important the country of origin for you when you're purchasing a bag. What do you expect?

    For example: I expect LV to be made in France or Bottega Veneta to made in Italy. And that's right because of their price.
    There are other manufacturer though, like Furla for example, they use italian leather but most of their bags are made in Romania or China. And their price tag is much lower than to designer brand, still their products are really appealing and the quality is high! :cool:

    Which is your feeling when talking about the "Made in"...?
  2. I buy Longchamp bags and I expect them to be made in France. Unfortunately, whenever I buy them on, they have this weird habit of labeling LC bags "imported", even though many of them are made in France. So I have to see them in-person to make sure I get the right one. I know they have some that are in China or other countries, but I refuse to buy those and only carry their France-made bags. Just my personal preference.

    LV bags I am not too picky about where it's made. I don't mind carrying their Italy, USA or Spain bags because the quality seems to be the same to me. My mom's Galleria Azur PM was made in USA and looks just as beautiful as the France-made bags.
  3. I prefer Made in Italy bags. Dooney & Bourke Alto bags, and Gucci [my two fave] are both made in Italy. However I have some DB [Florentine and Canvas bags] are made in China, I ended up getting rid of nearly all of my "Made in China" bags. While I don't see a diff in quality for DB, I just don't like some of the humans rights violations that go on there [child labor, unsafe work conditions, poor air quality, etc.]
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    I do prefer bags made in Italy, Usa, Canada etc.. it doesn't make or break me buying a bag, i have to examine the actual overall quality of finish, materials and so forth being made elsewhere other than China (for instance) doesn't not necessarily equate to 'better'.

    All that said been in a Made in Canada bag for a few months again, def top notch on all levels there.
  5. it's ok if my Chanel is from Italy/Spain or my LV from USA, so it doesn't matter as long as it's from a country known for its leather-work. but I especially dislike high-end brands stamped made in China/Turkey. i purchased a Mulberry - my first of that brand - a few weeks ago and was very disappointed to see the Made in China stamp. it somehow cheapens it to know a British company isn't producing at home.
  6. Hehehe--my only new mulberry bag to break, 1st day after buying, was "made in England." :biggrin:
    Turkey, Italy, others = all fine.
    Believe mulberry's "made in" refers to assembling finished items, not the component production.

    Chanel made in Italy. Fine with it.
    Deadly ponies made in NZ. Thrilled.

    I want a good bag. Worth its price.
    I consider unfair labor practices, research as can--but, honestly, can't see everything behind manufacturing scenes.
    And have little power to convince companies that careless worldwide market expansion kills both quality control & soul.

    So, I expect bag to last, get replacement/refund if doesn't.
    And learn. Same as anyone.
    Moving on, if brand declines/changes beyond my tolerance level.
    Not because of a "made in" label.
  7. I prefer bags made in Italy (as opposed to just saying 'made in Italy'.

    That goes for Chanel and Buberry as well as BV and Gucci. Italy is where it's at.

    Only Loewe I prefer made in Spain, another place where leather goods and leather accessories have eons on traditional expertise.

    Hermes should be made in France although I'm fine with other things being made in other places where again traditional knowledge is at it's best Vietnam for horn and Austria for enamel....
  8. this
  9. That's a good point. I think the made in carries much more than a tag itself. It's about perception of traditions and lifestyle. I'm also concerned about labour condition in China, I know we cannot do nothing. It's up to the companies that produce there, but I feel bad about it.
  10. I don't really care. I buy bags for style and quality. If it fits my need, I'm happy. I don't really care or look at the "made in" label. :smile:
  11. More and more are moving production out of the US, I don't see much that isn't made in China or Indonesia... I can't afford the high end brands made in Europe.. The closest I get is Roots bags from Canada. At least I think they are still made there.

  12. yes!!! x10 on "deadly ponies" --found brand after a reference here.
    wonderful soft leather,
    very well made. got a lime green one on the secondary market and had it dyed black. very pleased with deadly ponies. ( no ponies were harmed in making these my knowledge)
  13. The quality of the bag itself is what is most important to me. I have some incredible bags that were made in China, impeccable Italian leathers, stitching is immaculate, etc.
    And these are not necessarily high-end (price wise) bags so there you have it.

    If I cut China (or many other countries) out of the equation I'd have far fewer handbags...and I love handbags!!
  14. Glad you love your bag!

    I own mr fill n zip, in forest.
    Smooshy heaven♡♥♡
    NZ deer nappa.

    Wanted one for years!
    Santa was kind in 2015. ;)
  15. Italy & France only for me. Growing up I always associated good quality leather goods to come from Italy and France (and Spain for shoes). Mass production is more of an issue now but I've had no regrets with sticking to bags made in those countries.