Made in France?

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  1. I live in the states, but was wondering if it is possible to get a brand new Neverfull "Made in France"?

    Are they only producing them in the states now?

    I notice even on eBay, most are "Made in USA."
  2. all my bags are made in the usa :sad:
  3. I realize there are many threads about this, but nothing addressed the neverfull specifically that I saw.

  4. Most essential lines (canvas, damiers) are being made in the United States now to reduce labor & material costs. If you are in LV boutiques in France, you will find all bags (includes Speedy, NF) are made in France. The more sophisticated leather lines like Vernis, Empreinte bags are still being made in France.
  5. Ok, I'm going to try to find an SA in Paris. Thanks!
  6. Yes it has been discussed, you cannot request a Made In France bag online or on phone, as all LV products are LV quality it doesn't' matter where it's produced... that's what LV will tell you. :smile: If you have a good relationship with a certain SA he/she MAY look for you. You might be able to find more France bags in Vegas (I've heard) or when traveling abroad. I see NF's on eBay often that are MIF so if you buy pre-loved you can pick one out, eventually when you see the style you want. Otherwise it's luck of the draw. It bothers me that LV fans see made in USA as 'sub-par' somehow. Not good for the company. But because I resell a lot due to being fickle I've even now started to look for MIF bags. For better resale. I hate that I do it though, lol. :smile: Honestly my made in USA bags have ALL been better/more perfectly aligned.
  7. When I got my NF I freaked out because it was MIUSA and went all over looking for a MIF bag. I eventually got over it and I have a speedy that is also MIUSA. The funny thing is that buying pre-LVoed I actually prefer MIUSA bags because (to my knowledge) the counterfeiters only make MIF and sometimes Spain fakes. I always get my bags authenticated of course, but seeing someone in the USA selling a MIUSA bag is somewhat reassuring, especially if it's a new bag in one of the common styles. I'm actually more suspect of MIF pre-LVoed bags, but I know I'm in the minority on this one. New I prefer MIF, pre-LVoed I prefer MIUSA.
  8. I literally was just dealing with this issue for my Damier Neverfull MM. I called about 10 US stores and had 3 SA's check with other stores as well. Within this past year, LV has stepped up their production in the US and now they rarely rarely get non-USA Neverfull's. It's part of their new policy of increased US production. It's not that Neverfull's are only made in US, its that the US just only uses its own supply now.

    LV boutiques abroad will not ship to the US. I called France, Spain, and Switzerland. All the same story. My last resort was St. Thomas: where my Tivoli came from. You have to pay customs but they always have Made in France. The SA's are extremely nice and helpful.

    For some reason, I just can't get into how the abbreviation U.S.A. looks. I wish they put "Made in America" or something. Hey, if I'm going to spend that much on a bag, I might as well spend extra and get the one I want right? :graucho:

    Good luck! :flowers:
  9. Thanks all. Very informative and helpful!!
  10. That makes perfect sense and would look "cooler" to me. I don't know if I own anything that is stamped made in America.
  11. I no longer buy any bags or SLGs made in the USA for the reason that I DO find a difference in quality. I wait. I have been warned against anything made at the San Demas factory due to issues with glazing. I'm done. My Mono Zippy wallet peeled in less than 40 days.
  12. If you travel anywhere else within the Americas you can't say you're from "America" or consequently too that something's "made in America" it's considered very self-righteous and rude. It has to be the "United States" - there are other countries in North America, South America... all are America :smile: I learned that the hard way a few years ago, lol! We are U.S.A.! :biggrin:
  13. I believe Neverfulls are also made in Spain now. So, if you buy in Europe, there's a good chance that you will get a bag that was made in Spain...
  14. Interesting thread. I just bought a Speedy B at a LV boutique and it was made in France. I was so excited it really didn't matter to me where it was made. I am curious, though, where exactly in the US do they make LV's? :biggrin:
  15. I think the only USA "production" facility is in San Dimas, California.