"Made in France"

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  1. I noticed that alot of members here from the US really care about their LVV items being "Made in France". Now i just wondered why. I can't judge Made in USA items because i'm from Germany and every item i bought here and see here is "Made in France".
    Are the Made in USA of inferior Quality or do you just want it from the country LV originates from?

    Please explain :smile:
  2. i'm sure if you do a search you will find many threads on this topic ..
    off to check for you.
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    there is also "made in spain".
    Im from Germany too and I always look at the made in .. to be sure it's made in France. just because lv is a french brand. I prefer france over spain and spain over usa. It's a european brand to me so I want it made from a european place, in the best case in france :amuse:
    I don't think (hope) there are different quality standards in the world where lv produced their items. it's just the history for me:smile:
  4. I never got a Made in Spain while buying in Europe. My Agenda is made in Spain, but i bought it in NYC, and my Bass MM which i bought in NYC aswell is Made in France, so i guess i was lucky.
  5. The Quality of items made here in the USA are the same as the ones made in France i think its more of a mental thing i personally love all of my LV to be made in france just because that is where the company began..
  6. Hey, I'll take any LV bag. but, for me. It is kind of special when it is made in France. The Mother Ship.
  7. I really don't ever want a bag/SLG Made In USA. Don't get me wrong, I love my country. It's just... LV is a French brand and being Made In France makes it feel more special :flowers: Also, I really don't like how casual "Made In USA" looks. I'm probably just biased because I'm from the US. Overall, France just makes it feel more special to me. Especially to know that it came all the way from overseas :graucho:
  8. I am not picky. But I kind of get why a lot of members are after the Made in France, because Louis Vuitton is from France. But an authentic Louis Vuitton is a Louis Vuitton, kwim? The same materials, craftsmanship, and skill are used to make them whether in Spain, USA, or France.

    I think most of my LV wallets are from Spain, some of my purses are from France and some are from USA, my LV sunglasses are made in Italy, as is my stole. I don't love my France bags more just cause they are from France. Actually my most cherished bag is made in the USA. It was my very first LV ever and I got it from my hubby at an LV store for my birthday many years ago. Just my thoughts on that.
  9. My Affiche Agenda is made in Spain and I bought it from Italy. I think all of these agendas were made there from what I've seen in the clubs topics.
  10. I bought my speedy in Sweden (since I live here, lol) but I never even thought about "made in **" until I started hanging out at this forum. At first I thought all LV stuff was made in France. Anyway, I'm glad mine was made in France, and I know that I personally want LV to be made in France, so I'll be checking that when I buy more stuff ;)
  11. i don't care where my lv bags were made. i hope the quality is consistent. seems like just another thing to worry about. i like being able to support the us economy while still buying lv.
  12. My neverfull was bought in Italy and it was also made in Spain. I really dont care much if they are made in the US or made in France. Half of my bags are made here. Although it is a tiny bit extra special for them to be MIF, I wouldnt go out of my way to make sure I got a bag that was made there.
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