made in FRANCE!!!

  1. Hi all, there has been some discussion here about made in France bags, I just noticed that my cabas MEZZO that I purchased this June is made in France. :nuts:

    A surprise to me as most of the mono bags now are made in USA. I don't have anything against bags made here in the USA but I was just shocked to see a made in France bag. :yes:

    Also, the interior pocket has no zipper and the outer zipper pull has changed as well; compared to the older mezzos. :flowers:

    Out of curiosity, has anyone purchased a bag recently that is made in France? :idea:
  2. Mine is made in france but it's not the cabas mezzo. I didn't buy it for that reason. Seeing that most of the monogram is now produce in the USA nothing wrong with that. Generally ppl buy a product because it's from a particular country and it's unfair to be charged euro prices if the item is made int he usa. IMO
  3. all of my bags are made in France and many of my accesories are made in Spain except for groom wallet made in france. I am in Canada and we get our supply from France and the Spain now according to my SA...we use to get our stock from the USA so, there are made in the USA stock still out there....interesting fact that I thought I would made in France because I love France period it brings back memories of Paris....ohhhhhhhh la la.....

    Wonder if all the groom stuff was made in france any one know?
  4. Wow, I never knew that...thanks LVpug for the info.
  5. ooohhh what a dummy! I can buy made in France from Canada!!!:hysteric:

    I can do that....:idea:
  6. So, does anyone know if there are made in USA bags being sold in the LV boutiques in France???
  7. my SA in canada said the made in USA was only for North changed recently where we get out stock from France and Spain therefore the US is for the US...I so expected to get made in the USA and asked my SA and was suprised to hear that it changed...made in France now for Canada
  8. I must visit Canada or even better...Paris!!!
  9. The Damier Speedy 25 I purchased in June was made in France. The Mini Lin Speedy I purchased last week was also made in France. :smile:
  10. It's just me, but I prefer Made in France. - Just seems like a French line should be made in France. Silly, hey?
  11. ^^ I kinda feel the same way. It's nice when it says 'Made in France' especially on the Speedys since they have the external tab. My Damier Musette Salsa was made in Spain, but it doesn't have an external tag so I wasn't bothered by it.
  12. Since June I have purchased a Sac Plat, Bosphore messenger GM, and a little monogram wallet...all are Made in France.

  13. My azur damier speedy 30 is made in france.
  14. Yay...a lot of new launches are made in France!!! Congrats to you guys...
  15. My new monogram speedy 35 was made in France. I was happy about that.:smile: