"Made in" France???

  1. Why is this in english? I know bags are made in France, US, Spain, etc. but why would they mark the label in english instead of French?
  2. why would then mark them in french ?
  3. I don't know maybe English is a more widely spoken language than french but I have no idea
  4. More people speak english than french that might be the response.
  5. I'm thinking the same thing... :hrmm:
  6. Hey, that's a good question! Now i feel dumb that it hadn't occurred to me.

    English is the most widely spoken language by non-native speakers. It used to be french, hence the phrase "lingua franca".
  7. I definitely thought the same thing, that it could be because English is more widely spoken. But still doesn't this seem odd to any of you? It would be odd for me in the US to purchase something made and sold in the US that said "Fabrique en USA." (Not sure if that is the proper way to spell it, but you get the point). I have LV items made in France, that I bought in France that say "Made in France".
  8. same reason why watches from Switzerland say "Swiss Made" or Gucci bags and shoes say "Made in Italy" - more people understand English.
  9. Plus the French conversion would be way too long on the tab...:shrugs:
  10. Wow I NEVER thought about this it just seemed natural. But I agree with everyone that it may be because english is widely spoken.
  11. Yeah, English is a more common language than French :yes:
  12. Maybe because "Fabrique en France" is too long for the little vachetta...;)
  13. that is kinda wierd......i guess english is more spoken, but i think it should say maisson fondee en france <thats it, right?
  14. English ia a universal language
  15. if maisson fondee en france is indeed right, i think I like it better then just the old plain made in france.