Made in France vs. Made in the US

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  1. I'm sure this has been discussed in the past but cannot seem to dig up the threads. Can anyone give some advice? What about personal experience? I've heard from some that they tend to have more problems with made in the US goods, but perhaps it's cuz a lot of it comes from, which allows 60 day returns and therefore possibly abuse of the merchandise?

    Any pointers or opinions would be appreciated. :tup:
  2. I have a Speedy made in the U.S. and I don't have any problems with it at all. It came from eLuxury.
  3. i have a speedy 25 made in usa but was bought in Saks and its awesome. And ive made most of my purchase from Elux and Thank God havent had any problems. I dont really mind where are they from as long they are Nice and clean.
  4. I have a Neverfull GM and Speedy 35 both made in US, both purchased at boutiques-no problems!

    Please check the search tool again, I came up with a ton of threads ! :yes:

    This question is asked quite frequently so there is lots of discussion on it !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.