Made in France or Made in Italy label

  1. Does anyone know why they're written in ENGLISH? Why not French? I was reading the labels on my boxes -- when it struck me that the tags in the bags are in English.

    Do the bags they sell in Paris have the same English label?

    One of those things that make me go "hmmm."
  2. My LV KEEPALL has made in france on it even if it was bought in Paris. =P And yeah, it's strange. Maybe "made in " is an anglo american standard or something? My parents still have old clothes with "fabrique en france".
  3. It's international to label "it made"in English
    And they have both factories in France and in Italy. I was once curious myself and asked a sales person and that's what they told me. It's all legit though. I personally like the one in France because it's harder to find and the leather is inside out as suppose to Italy the lining inside is nylon.
  4. I have Chanel bags from France and Italy. I don't even know if it is Ligne specific.