"made in france" only used in fakes?

  1. i don't know if this is true but one of my friend told me that all the fakes have the "made in france" as opposed to the "made in spain or usa". is there any truth to this?

    thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. No truth to it. There are plenty of fakes, I've seen a lot of them especially on eBay that have made in Spain, made in USA...
  3. Nope , I've seen fakes " made in USA " haven't seen a fake "made in Spain" yet but won't be surprise if there is:rant: .But majority of fakes are " made in France". Just don't assume a 'made in USA/ Spain / Italy' to be real;)
  4. No..definitely not. The ones that are made in France can sometimes be harder to find and some people prefer that they're made there. I don't really care, I love whichever location I get.
    But anyway, I think it's probably because that's the easiest to put on there..people see "made in france" and they are more likely to believe it's real.
    But fakes can and will put any location on their tags, so long as they think they'll make a sale.
  5. I purchased my bag from an LV store in Rome and it says "Made in France"...it just depends.
  6. There are fakes that say made somewhere other than France, but they are less common. Here's a pretty high quality one, compared to a real stamp (the one on the left is fake).

  7. wow! that is a high quality fake stamp. scary...no wonder people are so afraid to buy from ebay.

    thanks everyone for your input!:heart:
  8. WOW! And here I was thinking I was ahead of the game by only considering pieces on Ebay reading Made in Spain/USA since I didn't think the fakes had gotten there yet. Now I'm paranoid:lol: !
    BTW just totally out of curiosity, how can you tell that the one on the left is a fake? I thought I had eagle eyes but that one looks frighteningly good...
  9. ^^^ Look carefully at the P in Paris and the R in the registered stamp, notice how one is slightly more elongated in the top part ?
  10. So you mean to tell me now a days the only difference between a fake and a real is a "slightly" elongated letter and a number of stitches in some cases, wow doesn't this piss people off to no end? Sometimes I really think it's not worth buying LV anymore. I'm seriously starting to get turned off. I know we are not supposed to let the fakers "win" but this is really getting ridiculous:censor:
  11. You really do take a chance, anymore. It is so diffciult being on the buying and the selling end...what you want to do is be as careful as possible. Pretty soon, the pendulum will swing back and more people will not care as more and alot of it will cease, because it is market-driven. How sad.
  12. Yup, I definitely see the difference now. But at first glance, without a photo next to it for comparison- makes me very nervous!
    So noone has seen a fake 'Made in Spain' yet?
  13. I've seen some fake made in spain bags as well as made in U.S.A. Fakers don't discriminate! :sad:
  14. Yes! ITA that it's market driven. People need to stop buying fakes. People who sell fakes on Ebay and even on the street don't get in trouble either. I know it's illegal, but I've never seen a cop take down any of those fake designer sellers(and I've seen cops drive by the ones who set up on the side of the road with the big tent and tables covered in fake LV, Fendi, etc...). There should be stricter laws esp online. Can you imagine if there were? I bet the govt would get tons in revenue from fines placed on people selling fake/counterfeit merchandise online.

  15. echoes :wlae: :wlae: