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  1. Does anyone know if there's a difference between Chanel bags Made in France and Made in Italy? I was looking at a few photos of the Jumbo Classic Flaps on this forum and it seems that the White Caviar Jumbo Flaps are Made in Italy and the Black Caviar Jumbo Flaps are Made in France. And based on one photo of a White Caviar Jumbo, it looked like the stichings weren't lined up from the side to the front and back. Is it because it's Made in Italy or because someone just accidentally posted a fake?

    Very curious. ^_^
  2. There are many threads about this topic, one being very recent. A search should bring them up. I would suggest we don't add to this thread to avoid redundancy.
  3. Only older flaps have quilting that lines up on the sides with the front and back. I know for a fact my white caviar jumbo (made in Italy) is authentic b/c I bought it from a Chanel boutique, and the side quilting doesn't line up with the front or back. My black patent and caviar jumbos were both made in France and the quilting doesn't line up on the sides with the front/back either. All were purchased from Chanel boutiques.

    That said, I agree with Roey. There have been so many threads about this lately. :yes:

    And well, you get the point.
  4. Ok, thanks. Didn't realize there were so many threads on Made in Italy / Made in France.

    What's considered an older bag? I just purchased a classic flap from a Chanel boutique and all the stichings line up. I also have a few medium classic flaps and I guess they are a few years old but the stiching lines up.

    Sorry about the confusion.
  5. [​IMG]
    Here's a picture of an authentic beige flap. You can see that the bottom of the bag does not line up with the quilting on the front.
  6. From what I know of the newer Jumbos, the diamond quilting on the front and back is larger than the sides. So there is no way the front meets the sides. However, the quilting design on the flap should meet when the bag is closed.
  7. I just purchased my jumbo caviar in early December from Orange County. My SA says the bag had just arrived three days before. The stitching looks identical to the photos posted in this thread.

    All the diamonds look identical. It doesn't make sense for the diamonds to be bigger on the front than on the sides? Wouldn't that just throw off the alignment completely?

    And I think the alignment on the flap should align with the bag when closed, but since the new caviar Jumbo is softer, it can vary slightly in alignment when it's closed.
  8. For everyone who has a Made in Italy? Does the back of your clasp, under the flap have "Chanel Paris" engraved on it? I have the Jumbo Caviar with S/H. Thanks!
  9. ^^^^ Both the Made In France and Made In Italy have Chanel Paris engraved on the hardware in back of the turnlock closure.
  10. Awesome, Thanks!
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