"Made in France" better than "Made in Spain"?

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  1. I'm buying the mono speedy 30! I'm so excited :smile:
    I've wanted it for about 5 years and just started an internship for school (paid, thank god) and can finally afford it myself!
  2. Just wondered if say...you buy a speedy and its says made in USA or Spain do the locks state the same or do they say 'made in France' as that i know that would just bug me if they were different!
  3. I totally agree. The quality comes first. Made in France doesn't mean the quality will be super. They are all manmade. Do go to store if you can.
  4. I have nothing against Spain but I prefer France since LV is a French Maison. Anyway, in general I don't mind where LV produces its items because the production involves high quality countries where standards are similar. On the other hand, a "made in China" LV purse,accessory,etc would be a tragedy for me!
  5. I really don't mind because I know it's not a fake. I buy in Spain and I only have made in Spain and France
  6. Just my humble opinion...I actually prefer the ones made in France...cuz LV is a French maison and I feel it's more worth for the money if it's made in Europe.

  7. eeeek, i am excited for you! isn't is so strange what these material items do to us? i missed the mail man today so i have to go to the post office in the morning to pick up a bag i ordered. i am going to bed early so i can for sure be first in line at the post office to get my bag, lol. so nerdy.l

    you will LOVE your speedy 30 and you will have it your entire life.
    congrats to us :smile:
  8. did you get your new bag???
  9. YES! I'm so giddy :smile:

    Did you get yours?? (What is it??)