"Made in France" better than "Made in Spain"?

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  1. I don't have a preference. As long as it's real.
  2. I prefer France. Spain is ok.
  3. All mines are made in USA. i guess it doesn't matter. but i wouldnt mind owning something made somewhere else, just to make it diverse? lol :P
  4. I prefer Made in France.
  5. No preference at all. The only thing that I look for when buying LV is that the purse looks good all over - I check the seams, handles/straps, etc. before purchasing and I always ask to look at several of the same item before making my final decision. I don't think it matters where the LV item is made.
  6. i don't care as long as it is authentic LV =)
  7. I don't care, my speedy is made in USA which I didn't realize until I brought it home. I think it would be kind of cool to have one from each countries lol
  8. I have two speedys, one made in France and one in the USA, so I can safely say it doesn't matter to me where the product is from (as long as it's real, haha!)
  9. Made in france , it seems more authentic.
  10. i have a handful of louis vuitton bags. i purchased them all myself from various lv boutiques around the world. i have no idea where any of them were made, have not even looked truthfully. they are authentic, that is all that matters to me.
    *you said you were buying a new bag on sunday? what bag!? what bag!?
  11. It doesn't matter to me. Most of my bags are made in France, only my Roses Pochette is made in Spain.
  12. Me too! Although a majority of my LV are made in France, my Azur Speedy 35 is made in USA and somehow, it is the most perfect bag (technically speaking) I have.
  13. No... As long as it's LV I don't really care were is made.. In fact, except for a pair of sneakers that I bought in the Champs-Elysses store, every item that I have is "made in Spain"...
  14. Me too!
  15. I don´t care either.