"Made in France" better than "Made in Spain"?

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  1. I like Made in USA coz we cant seem to find anything that is made in USA anymore. I LOVE it when I openned my bag and it stampped Made in Italy!! But in the end, it doesn't really matter, they are at the same standard. confusing.... :smile:
  2. i used to make a big stink about it but now it doesn't bother me. i have 3 LV pieces. my speedy is made in USA, my beaubourg is made in France and my azur pochette is made in Spain. the quality is great on all 3 :smile:
  3. i prefer my lv's to be made in france.. it just makes more sense
  4. I don't care where it's made. I never even bother to look.
  5. Depends on what it is ... for SLGs, I'm not really picky about where they are made.
    For my bags/travel pieces, I prefer them to be from France, as that's where the whole LV for travel originated - call me nostalgic, but I like the whole history behind it :smile:
  6. Nice to see that most people don't care. I don't either which is why I was surprised that he brought that up!

    He told me that a lot of collectors won't buy it unless its made in France.
  7. I don't care at all. Im happy to know that LV has high standards and pays employees well everywhere. Thats what matters most to me.

  8. Same here
  9. What if its "Made In China" (meaning assembled in china) but finished in USA/France?
  10. i used to always want one that was made oversees. i thought that it made them have more value...especially when it came to resale. but, as of late, most of my bags are either spain or usa. i actually have requested foreign-made in the past, now i just leave it to the luck of the draw. although, it is the first thing i look for when my mail arrives.
  11. All mine are Made in France.
    They way they should be !!!!
  12. I agree :smile:...
    but again as long as it is real, i don't mind whichever.
  13. As long they are not fake LV.It don't real care where it is made.
  14. I prefer france & Spain
  15. ita:d