"Made in France" better than "Made in Spain"?


in love with miu
Sep 17, 2006
a friend of mine bought a wallet in our LV store and now she got very upset because she realized it was MAde in Spain, but she wanted a Made in France one....

My LV koala wallet and my pochette are also Made in Spain, but I did not care about....

so can you tell me is it better to have a Made in France one??? :confused1:
can I return my (very new) koala wallet and say i'd like to exchange it into a made in france one?

(with the pochette this may not be possible, bcs she already got patina and i love it like this)


Le temps devant soi
Dec 17, 2006
as long its not Made in China! Then I go faint, collapse ... ICU

but honestly, sometimes if u r able to choose in between, it will be fun to choose Made in France, but either way they are the same, LV authentic production