"Made in France" better than "Made in Spain"?


in love with miu
Sep 17, 2006
a friend of mine bought a wallet in our LV store and now she got very upset because she realized it was MAde in Spain, but she wanted a Made in France one....

My LV koala wallet and my pochette are also Made in Spain, but I did not care about....

so can you tell me is it better to have a Made in France one??? :confused1:
can I return my (very new) koala wallet and say i'd like to exchange it into a made in france one?

(with the pochette this may not be possible, bcs she already got patina and i love it like this)
as long its not Made in China! Then I go faint, collapse ... ICU

but honestly, sometimes if u r able to choose in between, it will be fun to choose Made in France, but either way they are the same, LV authentic production
My epi speedy is from France, my epi agenda is from Spain. They both seem very high quality!
Like the above poster, so long as it doesn't say made in China or the moon!