"Made in France" available in US?

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to know - are the "made in france" bags literally only available in France (or Europe, etc), or is it possible to find one in the US stores. I seem to mostly find "made in US".

  2. It all depends on the kind of bag you are buying. But it is definetly possible to find 'Made in France' here in the USA....all depends on the style though!
  3. I agree with Twiggers, really depends on the bag. Generally the the permanent line items after the inital launch of made in France are manufactured in USA.
  4. I've gotten "made in france" bags in the US =)

    But I'm with twiggers and pinki, usually it's the limited edition/seasonal lines that are made in france and available in US and the first batch of a new line =)
  5. What about the Azur line? Speedies specifically (not sure if it matters.)
  6. ^
    I don't know... I bought it on Nov6, 06 from eLux and it made in France.
  7. Speedy 30 is made in USA Speedy 25 is made in France. Speedy 25 in any line is consistently made in France. Unless you are visiting the Mothership store in Paris that is the only guarantee or a Speedy 30 made in France.
  8. My mono speedy 25 was made in U.S.A.
  9. ^Sorry, Jane... Speedy 25 was always true to me... Guess that's the last of made in France...:sad:
  10. My damier speedy 25 was made in the USA
  11. :sad: I am not buying LV anymore!:push::angel:
  12. My LH, Sophie and Pomme heart were all purchased in Hawaii and made in France.
  13. It is entirely possible to find a made in France bag in the US, even a popular mono model. You might have to call a few stores or wait a while, but it is feasible.
  14. All of my items are Made in France (I'm in Canada) except for the Azur Speedy 30 I'm getting, which is from the US and made there as well. (But the parts are from France.) From what I gather, many US accessories are made in Spain and the bags are made either in US or France but more seem to be made in US.
  15. You're able to find them in stores!!!