Made in England vs made in Turkey

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  1. Nope
  2. Lots of cara fakes on sale in cyprus too....shocking
  3. Extract from Mulberry's preliminary performance results, released today....

    · Positive uplift in Retail sales from November 2014 as a result of new products and the actions taken at the beginning of H1 to realign the product pricing strategy
    · Roll-out of omni-channel services to full price standalone stores in the UK. Digital sales up 15% to £18.0 million for the year, accounting for 12% of Group sales (2014: 10%)
    · Opened four new directly-operated international stores and one concession
    · Approximately 50% of handbags now manufactured in the UK...."
  4. This I know for sure. A friend of mine works for a sewing company in one of Eastern European countries. This sewing company had an order to sew clothes for one of the most popular big designer brands. The brand supplied the fabrics, designs of course. The tailors were then cutting the fabric in the way that there were a lot of leftovers , and then sewed the "fakes" of the leftovers using the original designs. And of course selling the pieces and taking the extra profit. But it was a little bit stupid because "fakes" were sold before the original collection was launched, so it was a big scandal when the brand found out of what was going on. Lol!
    So I do absolutely believe that workers in Turkey make "extra " bags and sell it on the market. But then what is the difference between the original and the "fake" if they are made at the same place, same material , design, craftmen.....
  5. Annual results profits plummeted to less than £2m!!!!!!!! The only way is up ..good luck to them but sadly i think the damage was done a long time ago not just the bruno period
  6. Our guide said many factories were still substandard with regards to pay and conditions but that the government was implementing stricter policies etc to improve working conditions and pay which was already working in some of the factories. You never really know what happens in factories anywhere in the world but I do hope there is some truth to what I was told.
    I found really good fake Cara bags on i offer. Such a shame these fakes ruin big brands. The people that buy them think they're getting a great deal without concern for the person making it.
    It's a difficult subject as many of our industries are produced in countries that don't have strict labour laws.....or are very much able to work around these laws.
  7. What price range do these "good quality" fakes lay at? 10-20% of original price?
  8. Hi everyone!

    Does anyone have an idea where the Small Bayswater satchels that are sold at the stores currently are made in? I'm obsessed with this bag since I recently saw a lady carrying one at the airport and now i have been also checking from ebay, where i noticed some of the SBSs are made in england and some in turkey. I'm aware that the quality is the same but i would still really fancy one made in england since i love the feeling of british heritage associated with this brand :smile:
  9. I don't know if anyone is interested, but just in case i'll add here that i asked this from mulberry customer care and they confirmed all SBSs are made in turkey.. Blah, somehow i feel taken back after this but i guess i'm already so in love with this bag that there's no going back :shame:
  10. Mine is made in Turkey. Would have preferred England but it's such a lovely bag I gave in!
  11. Well.. I have 8 Mulbs and they are all made in Turkey and I just really love my bags! Thus, they are all very well made!
    Yes, enjoy your bag!! The SBS is such a lovely bag..
  12. I've had 3 pembridge hobos.... (Long story [emoji51]) first one made in England and was a perfect example of skilled workmanship, 2nd one made in turkey was totally opposite, had passed QC but IMO was not as well made, 3rd one made in turkey and looks exactly like version 1 - just does to show its down to the individual person making the bag. I am yet to own a made in England bag

    It was the way the seams had been seen together, 2nd one was lumpy and uneven
  13. Thanks for your input ladies! :winkiss:
    Good to hear these opinions. Maybe I was so taken aback at first place because I visited Istanbul just a few months ago and no matter how lovely i found the city, I was flabbergasted by the amount of the fake designer goods sold everywhere. So just made me wonder about some things! But i guess this is just how the world (of designer goods) rolls today.

    And after all i also do have a Dorset made in china and she's been my university/more or less everyday bag for almost three years and is still in great condition, hardly any wear&tear visible. So i guess it is like you said Louliu, it depends much on the fact who happens to craft it!
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