Made in England vs made in Turkey

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  1. Thanks for sharing this link, a great read and I shall send this to all my friends who think I'm crazy for spending more than £40 on a bag lol!! X
  2. Fab article :smile:
  3. Hi. I read in another post that the core Black, Oak and Chocolate Bayswaters are all Made in England. Is this true?

    What about the Small Bayswater Satchel?
  4. Don't know about the Bays but my black satchel is made in Turkey.

  5. My Chocolate SBS was made in Turkey too, mines a couple of years old so I'm not sure if things have changed.
  6. My Oxblood Bayswater is made in England. I'm starting to think there is no method in what is or isn't! Lol
  7. My oak Bayswater bought 2013 is made in England. Oak Lilly bought at Xmas sale 2014 England aswell. Made in China would be totally unacceptable for me. God, I would be so dissappointed to se such a label . Made in Turkey/Spain.... well , I dont know... maybe, if it's sold at discount price.
  8. I was under the impression that ALL Bayswater bags are made in England? I'm quite lucky in that my Alexa and my Lily are both made in England too.
  9. I was in Mullberry store in Copenhagen last week and checking out Arundel and Blossom totes, Kensington were made in Turkey and the quality just didnt feel the same comparing to my Bays and Lilly made in England. Its a little bit of concern because you never know what you get if you order online :sad:
  10. Ahh.. I would say all of my mulberry bags are made in Turkey lol...quality is absolutely the same as others made in england. Bays and Lily are not made of the same materials as Kensington. So it's hard to compare. Specific models are always made in England like regular Bays and Lily. Other models esp for smaller bags are mostly in turk or some in china. I own several alexas , sbs and tessie which are all made in Turkey.
  11. Apparently most of the lexis are made in Turkey if you notice :smile:
  12. Some lilys are as well
  13. Fantastic! This is a wonderful article. Love seeing the detail and care put into the making of these gorgeous bags.

  14. Just been to the turkish part of is full of shops selling fakes...has put me right off having a mulberry bag with a made in turkey label at all
  15. They do not pay their turkish labour force decent rates
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