Made in England vs made in Turkey

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  1. That was so interesting.

    Only today I had people at work saying they couldn't understand my bag collection and why I would spend so much on a bag when I could get something similar in Next!!!

    I did try to educate them, but I feel I may now be the crazy bag lady especially when I asked if they treat their next bag to leather gel once a month and stuff and store their next bag in a dust bag when not in use! :shrugs:
  2. I am this lady within my friendship group. Lol :smile:

    Great read! Glad it was shared :smile:
  3. The Bryn tote I've just bought has a made in China label in it, however looking at it, who would know?
    It's still beautifully made and I'm sure the person/people who made this bag put just as much pride into it as the folks do down in Somerset :smile:

    Its a shame all their leather goods can't be made here in the UK, but sadly a sign of the times
    It didn't put me off buying it ;)
  4. I've got a few friends who think I'm completely mental for spending money on mulberry bags but I have no vices and work full time so I'm cool with my vice being mulberry bags!!

    Crazy bag lady for life probably,,,, :woot::nuts::woot::woot:
  5. Could be worse, you could be a crazy cat lady :lol::lol::lol:
  6. Like me
  7. Yeah, thing is, I am already that as well :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. Sorry forgot to finish the post lol, some people in my office look at my bags and said I am silly to spend that much money as well...I dont care..:o and I am also a crazy cat lady... ceazy bag cat lady :sly::biggrin::sly:
  9. Inded.... I'm there with you crica.... Love my cats and my mulberry.. I have a few friends who love LV bags and we always end up taking about bags. I love how LV bags look but I just can't seem to get down with the monogram or the Damier. I love the black leather new peices but at £2k a piece they're out of my budget. But tpmy friends think £600 plus for canvas is good and I'm trying to convince them they should have a go with a mulberry and that they will get it when they feel leather instead of canvas... I've given up defending mulberry and have just decided I'm an addict and so are they, we just have different tastes!!! Our OH's think we're all mad so at least we agree together on that!! :graucho:
  10. Sorry, you're all beyond help!!! :lol:
  11. So back to topic. I have bags from England and Turkey and I love all of them. I guess the made in England are the ones I love the most as I'm proud theyre made in England as like Elvis said they're an England brand. :heart:
  12. Hehe..
    LVs are nice but not the canvas as you said...Ive looked into other brands ( st laurent, balenciaga, lv) but always end up with Mulberry :smile:
  13. You too horses!!! :lol:
  14. +1 :smile:
  15. I thought the article made a great argument for the price you pay and it's wonderful to see Mulberry contributing to multiple generations being skilled in aspects of leather-craft. Mulberry pay a fair wage and provide a growing amount of jobs in the UK which is more than many businesses can say these days. I do wish they would hurry up and get the majority of bags made in the UK. I was in Turkey last year and I saw so many Mulberry fakes but the quality was amazing, our guide said that many of the fakes of multiple designers are made in the same factories are the real ones or by the same people. Whether this is true or not who knows.
    Each time I turn up to work with a new bag I get every member of staff coming up to me to let me know how many other things I could of got for the money I spent. My reply is always the same. Better to have one thing I love, than 50 things I'm not that bothered about. It's quality, not quantity but each to their own.
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