Made in England vs made in Turkey

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  1. Hi Again.
    I believe someone must have ask this already.
    I have been doing some mulberry shopping lately, I found some that is made in turkey and some made in England. why?

    Been looking at bayswater chocolate and black darwin.
    How do I tell if they are real?
  2. They are also made in Spain as well as China.
    Why? because they have become so popular.

    As to the bayswater if you have pictures of the bag you are interested in put them on the authenticate this Mulberry section and someone will look at it and give you their opinion.
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about where it is made. I have a few from England and a couple from Turkey, both of same quality and finish.
  4. Pheww~~ Thank you~ I will post pictures later on.
  5. Hi ladies
    I have my eye on a mabel and also a lily on eBay.
    Am I silly to be disappointed that it they are made in Turkey?
    I've only recently started paying attention to details like this and when I've looked at the bags I own I have some Of each.
    Am I being stupidly snobbish by wanting made in England?! Xxx
  6. Nope i prefer made in england every time...its meant to be a british brand
  7. Only a certain amount are "Made in England" although the factory in Somerset has expanded to increase UK production. The numbers produced simply don't make it viable to make them all here. I think, though, that the ones produced abroad are checked here before being sent out for sale? Not 100% sure on this point but remember reading it somewhere.........

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    Yeah I feel cheated with the bags I already have saying made in Turkey!!
    Put me off buying any more which say this also! X
  9. When I buy the only thing I hope for is the bag is perfect and cheaper than the website/shop price! I have bags from England, Spain, Turkey and China and to be honest I don't think about where it's been made.
  10. I struggle with associating made in china as being from a luxury brand I'm afraid.

  11. Yup I was going to buy a preloved Mitzy and I saw it was made in China so didn't bother!
    I guess it's just personal preference
  12. I think the "Made in England" percentage is about 30%, unless it's increased over the last couple of years.
  13. I always feel happier when I see "Made in England" - as elvis says, Mulberry is meant to be an English brand! That said, my avatar Womble Bayswater was Made in Spain and is absolutely gorgeous. She's the last Mulberry I'd part with, which says something (particularly since I hardly ever use her!)
  14. I have nine bags and I think two are made in England. Can't say I'm too impressed with bags being made in China either. I have one (a preloved Rosemary) and it was a real HG bag so I can just about forgive where it was made.

    If I was to drop £1000 on a brand new bag (and let me assure you, short of a lottery win, I never will!) I would NOT be able to accept a made in China bag at all.
  15. The problem with bags made in China and Turkey is that so many fakes come from there so it does take the shine off the genuine Mulberry. On the other hand, if the bag is in good condition and I can't see the label when using her, I do forget and just enjoy using my lovely genuine Mulberry, wherever it's from. That said I would love to own a made in England Mulberry at some point :smile:
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