made in china?

  1. i know it's been an exhausted topic when it comes to purses but i just wondered how everyone else feel or if everyone else was aware of the facts i'm about to post from the movie i saw today called, mardi gras - made in china.

    the average worker in a factory, in china, that produces these beads make ten cents a hour.

    put simply, when the movie interviewed an african american lady, she said, "ten cents a hour?....that's five hours for fifty cents!" "no, that ain't right, they get paid ten cents a hour to make these beads and i got about 100 of them here for free!"

    much better then the white male with a MBA degree that they interviewed where he said, "it's okay because the cost of living is much lower, they may be making ten cents per hour for the beads but that's higher then if they were making eight cents per hour" :cursing:

    95% of the factory workers are girls

    5% are boys.

    they are not allowed to talk to each other or they will be fined. the punishment? 1 month's dock of pay.

    sunday is their only day to leave the compound and that is if, they are not working that day.

    they have a quota to make. if they make over, they get a bonus, if they make under, they get 5% deduction of wages as punishment.

    i could go on but the question is

    did you know the conditions were like this?

    did you know that the owners were banking the millions and the workers were getting at most 60$ (working 11-14 hours a day) a month?!

    does that change your attitude towards buying something made in china?

    btw, the film did state there were hundreds of protests, ongoing, but the result is always that the protesters get arrested.